Home Invasion

Event date: Wednesday, February 05, 2014, from 10:47 AM to 10:47 AM

Date: 02/03/14
Time: 11:35 pm
Report #: 14-02836
Location: 7900 block of E. Via De Ventura
Victim Info: Female resident
Suspect Data: S1 - Willy Jo Bateman, 08/09/82
Bateman Photo

S2 - Joshua Mendenhall, 11/23/80
Mendenhall Photo

S3 - Barbara Moen, 04/05/88
Moen Photo

S4 - Andrew Eaton, 09/08/89
Eaton Photo



On 02/04/14 at 7:00 pm SPD officers spotted a stolen vehicle at the Circle K located at Scottsdale and Golddust. When the officers confronted two individuals, later identified as Bateman and Mendenhall, at the vehicle, the two suspects ran and were taken into custody a short distance from the scene. A search of the vehicle yielded evidence from the home invasion.

Follow up investigation led to the location of Moen and Eaton at an apartment complex in Phoenix near 21st Avenue and Indian School Rd, where on 02/05/14 at 9:00 pm they were taken into custody.

All 4 individuals are facing charges of Kidnapping, Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Threatening, and Burglary.



On 02/03/14 at 11:35 pm the victim opened her door to a female standing outside asking for help. When the victim opened the door, the female suspect and three male suspects rushed into her apartment in the 7900 block of E. Via De Ventura. They held her against her will, hit her, displayed knives and threatened her with them.

While in her apartment they were looking for an acquaintance of hers that the suspects thought was there. When they did not find their intended target they took electronics and jewelry and fled the home.

The victim refused medical treatment at the scene.