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Hit and Run Collision

Event date: Friday, August 08, 2014, from 9:08 AM to 9:08 AM

Date: 08-07-2014
Time: 2:55 p.m.
Report #: 14-16982
Location: Scottsdale Road at Greenway Parkway.
Victim Info: 37-year-old female. Phoenix resident. Sustained minor injury.
Suspect Data:

The victim described the suspect vehicle as a gold colored, older, 4 door Honda sedan that was beat up and dirty. She said the license plate on the vehicle had a dark colored solid background with white letters and numbers, like and older arizona plate. The victim described the driver as a male in his mid to late 30`s with short dark hair and a slender face with no facial hair.


The victim was walking eastbound in the south crosswalk of Scottsdale Road at Greenway Pkwy. She was walking in the center of the crosswalk with a green signal light for pedestrian crossing, indicating she had the right of way.

The described vehicle was eastbound from Greenway Pkwy. and made a right hand turn to proceed south on Scottsdale Road from the signal light. The victim saw the vehicle coming at her, so she turned slightly left and placed her left hand on the hood of the car. The momentum of the vehicle lifted her on top of the hood and she then slid off the hood on the driver side of the car and resumed standing on the pavement in the crosswalk.

She said the vehicle initially pulled to the curb and she yelled that she was pregnant and was calling the police. She said that the vehicle then drove away southbound and turned into a parking lot further south and west of her location.

The victim is 15 weeks pregnant and was evaluated by Scottsdale Fire EMT`s. She had several small bruises on the exterior of her left leg and a bruised palm on her left hand. She was evaluated by EMS personnel and declined transport.

Police are still looking for the suspects vehicle and encourage anyone who may be able to help identify the driver to call the police immediately.