Domestic Violence

Event date: Tuesday, August 06, 2013, from 10:38 AM to 10:38 AM

Date: 08/05/13
Time: 10:00 pm - 1:00 am
Report #: 13-17848
Location: 8500 block of E. Thornwood
Victim Info: V1/27 year old female
V2/58 year old male homeowner on Thornwood
Suspect Data: Stanislaw "Stan" Dudzikowski, 07/13/84
Dudzikowski Photo

On 08/05/13 at 10:00 pm the victim arrived at a restaurant near Scottsdale and McDonald. Her boyfriend (the suspect) arrived shortly after and began arguing with her as he saw her speaking to another male. Both the victim and suspect left the restaurant in separate vehicles. As they were both stopped at the red light, southbound on Scottsdale Road and McDonald, the suspect’s vehicle began to push the victim’s vehicle into the crosswalk area. Once the light turned green the victim drove away in an attempt to evade the suspect. The suspect followed the victim to her relative’s home in the 8500 block of E. Thornwood. Twice on the route the suspect stopped his car and approached the victim’s car to engage the victim. During one of the stops he punched the victim’s windshield causing significant damage. Other times he attempted to force her vehicle into oncoming traffic or off the roadway.

At the Thornwood residence the suspect attempted to force his way into the home to continue the confrontation but was unsuccessful. He left prior to police arrival.

Just before 1:00 AM on 08/06/13 the suspect returned and again tried to force his way inside. The 58 year old homeowner produced a handgun and fired one round into his ceiling as a warning shot which caused the suspect to flee on foot. Officers found the suspect a short time later in the greenbelt area near Hayden and Chaparral where he was taken into custody without further incident. There were no injuries.