Burglary Arrests

Event date: Thursday, October 24, 2013, from 10:24 AM to 10:24 AM

Date: 10/23/13
Time: 1:30 pm
Report #: 13-24341
Location: 8200 block of E. Hubbell St.
Victim Info: Homeowner
Suspect Data: S1/ I/M, 17 years old, Phoenix Resident
S2/ Stephanie Sierra, 20 years old, Laveen Resident

Stephanie Sierra Photo


On 10/23/13 at 1:30 pm as the witness was returning home she saw a young male and female exit her next door neighbor’s home carrying a safe. When the suspects realized they were being watched the female jumped in the driver’s seat and the male jumped in the trunk of their Honda and began to drive away. As they drove the safe fell out of the open trunk in front of the victim’s home.

Officers found the suspect vehicle nearby and conducted a traffic stop. The suspects were positively identified and property from the burglary was found in their possession.

Both were booked on a Burglary charge.