Event date: Wednesday, September 04, 2013, from 9:44 AM to 9:44 AM

Date: 09/04/13
Time: 2:15 am
Report #: 13-20202
Location: Dakota Apartments
15850 N. Thompson Peak Parkway
Victim Info:
Suspect Data: Donovan Roberts, B/M, 061078
Roberts Photo

On 09/04/13 at 2:15 am the suspect was seen entering the fitness center at the Dakota Apartments and removing a stationary exercise bike. When he realized he was being watched he left the bike and fled the complex in a U-Haul truck. Officers found the truck southbound on the Loop 101 and stopped the truck at Thomas Road. The suspect was taken into custody for warrants and burglary. Additional fitness equipment was recovered from the truck believed to have been taken from a separate exercise room at the Dakota Apartments.