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Aggravated Assault - Road Rage

Event date: Monday, October 21, 2013, from 10:01 AM to 10:01 AM

Date: 10/05/13
Time: 1:00 pm
Report #: 13-22809
Location: Scottsdale and Ashler Hills
Victim Info: 37 yr old male and 6 yr old daughter
Suspect Data: John McLaughlin, 02/02/90, Phoenix Resident
McLaughlin Photo

On 10/05/13 just before 1:00 pm the suspect on a motorcycle pulled up next to the victim, who was in an SUV, southbound on Scottsdale Road from Ashler Hills and pointed a knife at the victim. As the victim slowed, the suspect slowed also which caused the victim’s 6 year old daughter to fear for her safety. The suspect sped off on his dark colored motorcycle, wearing a dark helmet with a red Mohawk. The victim also noted a tattoo on the rider’s forearm.

Information from the report reached an officer who recognized the description of the motorcycle, helmet, and tattoo which led to the identification of the suspect. On 10/18/13 the suspect was arrested at his residence in Phoenix while walking out to his motorcycle. He made comments incriminating him in the earlier incident and was booked on a count of Aggravated Assault. The knife and helmet were recovered during the contact.