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Women in Policing Bios


Sergeant Candler - Patrol

Candler 2

I have been in law enforcement for 20 years, experiencing police work in many different areas of the country. I have seen significant, positive changes in the last 20 years with the number and variety of opportunities afforded to women in law enforcement. I enjoy my police career because it allows me many different experiences. I look forward to something new each and every day. Although shift work can be challenging, the experience is worth it and very rewarding. It offers me the ability to work with, advocate for and help people.

Detective Scritchfield - Sex Crimes


I have been with the Scottsdale Police Department for 12 years. I spent 6 years as a patrol officer; four of those years as a Field Training Officer. As a patrol officer, I worked nights and weekends; mostly by choice, because this was when the city was busy and it was exciting to work the streets. I thoroughly enjoyed being a trainer and feel I learned a lot more about being a police officer when I needed to teach my trainees how to be proficient and most importantly, safe police officers.

When I was assigned to the detective bureau, a whole new side of police work emerged as I learned to work a case from start to finish and through the court proceedings. After two years in the Domestic Violence Unit, I transferred to the Sex Crimes Unit.  My goal when I became a police officer was to become a detective in the Sex Crimes Unit and after finally reaching this goal, I know this is what I was meant to do.

The Sex Crimes Unit investigates sexual crimes against children and adults. I interview children, women and men, giving them a voice after they have been victimized. While this unit has incredible challenges considering the topic of our investigations, it is extremely rewarding when we are able to obtain justice for the victims.

I am married with two young children and sometimes find it difficult balancing what I see, hear, and do at work, with my family life. Ultimately, it is worth the effort and the satisfaction because I am contributing daily to the citizens and visitors of the City of Scottsdale. The opportunities within this department are endless. Challenge yourself, it will be worth it!

Undercover Detective- DEA Task Force

UC Bio Photo

I have been employed by the City of Scottsdale since 1999. I have spent a majority of my career working undercover investigations. My original assignment as a patrol officer was short lived. Soon after starting, I was approached to work with the Narcotics unit. I never thought I would leave patrol because I loved the action, but I knew it was an opportunity I could not pass up to see a different side of police work. My undercover detective work has definitely been an eye opener. I’ve had the opportunity to work with DEA agents, IRS agents, and other police officers from around the valley.

At the beginning of my narcotics career, I was lucky because I was single and did not have children or anyone else to worry about. Today, I have a family and although there are times I work long hours, they are very understanding. Being a police officer has taught me so many things; being part of a team and working together, learning how to multi-task, developing patience, and valuing integrity.

Even though I’ve had a great experience as a Police Officer, the importance of this job to me is to protect the community and to also finish out your shift and go home safely. After seeing so many Officers die in the line of duty, you just never know if there will ever be a time you do not make it home.


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