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Message From The Chief


This year has not been without its challenges. The economy was once again, front and center, and had a tremendous impact on us as an Organization and as individuals. We look forward to the future and to an improving economic environment. We will continue to make certain that citizens and visitors of our city have a safe and enjoyable time while here. I am always impressed by how many people visit Scottsdale on a regular basis and how few issues we experience while dealing with their needs.

There is so much good work going on within this Department. We were recognized by the US Attorney’s Office for the Arizona Electronic Crimes Task force that was instrumental in concluding two investigations, “Operation Orange Crush” and “Operation Reload”. The investigations targeted criminal organizations who utilized electronic transactions in an attempt to disguise themselves. Also recognized was the US Secret Service, which demonstrates the level of cooperation that exists between us and all other state, local and federal law enforcement agencies. I am particularly proud of those relationships.

Last year, a neighborhood in our City was terrified by a sexual predator. Police personnel worked tirelessly on solving this case. Even when an innocent person came forward admitting guilt, investigators proved that he wasn’t involved in these crimes. Patrol officers, investigators, crime scene specialists, district resources, criminalists, command staff and others worked together to successfully identify and arrest a very dangerous individual, bringing relief to our community. Before the offender was brought to justice, officers patrolled the neighborhood making investigative stops, investigators followed leads, representatives met with the community to reassure them, and criminalists worked around the clock to process the evidence that would eventually lead to an arrest. These are just some examples of extraordinary, beyond the regular, day to day great work being done by our personnel.

And that’s just another example of our daily success stories. We participated in crucial roles in a number of conferences held in our city and throughout the valley including the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Conference which we hosted during the process of our own re-accreditation; the International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigator’s Association (IOMGIA) conference; also hosted by our agency, and the first Arizona Law Enforcement Records Manager’s Association (AzLERMA) Conference held in Glendale. AzLERMA was created five years ago with leadership from Scottsdale's own Records Unit.

Finally, I am always eager to praise the members of this Organization for the continued support of others in need. The amount of charitable work that is accomplished by their generosity is astonishing. Police personnel are forever raising funds for any number of benevolent causes. I am very proud of the efforts our employees take to work together in their heartfelt desire to help those who are less fortunate or who have been touched by tragedy. For that I say thank you.

This remains the best Police Department I have ever known or been associated with. I am very grateful to be a member of such a professional and classy organization.


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