Forensic Services Division


The Forensic Services Division provides service to our customers to aid in the successful disposition of all investigations in accordance with legal and professional guidelines through the identification, documentation, collection, analysis, and preservation of physical evidence.

The Forensic Services Division is under the direction of the Administrative Services Bureau. It is composed of the Forensic Services Division manager, who is responsible for all work produced by the division. The division manager leads and directs the functions of the Identification Services Unit, the Crime Scene Specialist (CSS) Unit, the Criminalistic Unit, the Property and Evidence Unit and the division secretary.

The CSS personnel, report directly to the CSS Supervisor. The latent print examiners, fingerprint technicians, and photo lab technicians report directly to the Identification Services Unit Supervisor, and the Property and Evidence Technicians report directly to the Property and Evidence Manager.

Contact Information:

7601 E McKellips
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

    Property &  Evidence - Bldg 'B'
    Property & Evidence Customer Service Hours: 
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Closed on Wednesdays

    NOTE: Please call ahead to confirm item(s) are available for release. 

    Crime Laboratory - Bldg 'B'
    Building 'B' Lobby Hours:
    Monday to Friday:  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Steve Garrett, Forensic Services Division Manager
Phone: 480-312-5280


The Identification Services Unit

The Identification Services Unit is composed of seven full-time and two part-time employees and is responsible for:  

  • Collecting and disseminating arrest and identity information from Scottsdale Police Department arrests and update appropriate databases to reflect arrest and identity information.
  • Processing of latent prints from evidence left at a crime scene using techniques and methods not normally available to the crime scene specialist unit.
  • Comparison of latent lifts and the entry of latent prints into the Automated Fingerprint Identification System.
  • The examination and comparison of footwear and tire track impression evidence.
  • Developing, processing and filing all photographic images produced by the department as well as printing photographs for investigative purposes.


The Crime Scene Unit

The Crime Scene Unit is composed of nine employees and is responsible for processing all crime scenes. The unit is comprised of personnel responsible for the photographing, documenting and sketching of crime scenes, as well as recognizing, collecting and preserving all types of physical evidence.


The Criminalistics Unit for2003.jpg

The Criminalistic Unit is composed of five employees and is responsible for analyzing all blood alcohol, toxicology and drug submissions, forensic biology sample (DNA) analysis, paint, fiber and hair comparisons, firearms/toolmarks examinations and fire debris analysis.   


The Property and Evidence Unit

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the proper storage, maintenance, and release of all evidence and property collected by the department. The unit consists of one supervisor, three property and evidence technicians, one police support data entry specialist, and one volunteer.

The property unit is responsible for the proper handling and storage of all found and lost property, and all evidence collected from crime scenes. The Property and Evidence Unit maintains three in-house storage facilities and multiple off-site holding facilities. They are also responsible for the control and storage of vehicles that are impounded as evidence.

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