Personnel Development Division




Lieutenant Eric WilliamsLt Williams

Phone:  480-312-5522

Address Info:
911 N. Stadem Drive
Tempe, AZ  85281

The Personnel Development Division, Training Unit, is the training arm of the Scottsdale Police Department and is charged with new recruit academy training, field training, advanced officer training, and civilian employee development.  As a result of the extensive responsibilities associated with each of these training tasks, the Training Unit is broken down into three distinct sections, each of which is overseen by a Sergeant.  These training sections include:

• Academy Training
• Field Training Administration and Evaluation
• Advanced Officer Training

Each of these sections is responsible for the training curriculum at very specific stages of officer and employee development and includes a vast array of instructional and hands on training topics, including:Trng Facility

• Firearms
• Emergency Vehicle Operations
• Search and Seizure
• Arrest Tactics
• Leadership
• Community Policing and Problem Solving
• Communications
• Conflict Resolution

Although training is conducted at many locations throughout Scottsdale and the larger metropolitan area, a great deal of Officer and Civilian Employee training is done at the state of the art Tom Hontz Public Safety Training Facility, located at 911 N. Stadem Drive.  The facility boasts an indoor, lead free, shooting range, a 90 seat auditorium, three classrooms, a driving track, and is home to the entire Police Department Training Unit staff.

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