Crimes Against Property Section



Lt. Jay Buckler

Phone: 480-312-5357

The Crimes Against Property Section is divided into five units based on areas of responsibility.  Each Unit is assigned specific investigative responsibilities.  Should you have questions about a current investigation, a potential investigation, or a crime related to any of these areas, you should contact the supervisor of the respective Units listed below. 

The Crimes Against Property Section includes the Auto Crimes Unit (auto theft, burglary/theft from vehicle, and damage to vehicles), the Burglary & Theft Unit (residential & commercial burglaries, thefts-other than vehicles, and shoplifting), Computer Crimes Unit (internet related crimes), Financial Crimes Unit (identity theft, fraud, and embezzlement), and the Repeat Offender Program.

The Auto Theft Investigation program investigates auto theft, burglary and criminal damage to vehicle crimes.

The Burglary & Theft Investigations Unit investigates burglary, trespass, theft, criminal damage, arson and shoplifting cases Citywide. The Pawn Detail is responsible for pawn related  activities such as the collection and entering of pawn slips from all second hand stores Citywide into the Maricopa County Pawn system, tracking of pawn activity, locating stolen property, and identifying high activity individuals who may be involved in criminal activity.

The Computer Crimes Program is responsible for forensic investigations of digital data seized by the Department and other agencies. In these cases detectives investigate crimes committed where a computer is the primary tool used. This includes all Violent Crimes, Property Crimes, Narcotic and Intelligence related cases. This includes intellectual crimes of computer hacking and terrorism linked to electronic communication. Successful investigations into computer crime involves extensive training in computer forensic and training in on-line tracking. Another facet of the program is photo and digital enhancement. Currently detectives use digital technology to enhance both digital and analog images along with some audio enhancement.

The Financial Crimes Unit investigates fraud, embezzlement, identity theft and forgery cases. These investigations typically involve obtaining video surveillance from merchants and original financial records from financial institutions, usually by means of subpoena. Investigations often involve the use of computers and require support from the Computer Crimes Unit. These crimes often occur across numerous jurisdictions and require coordinating investigations with other law enforcement agencies

The Repeat Offender Program is responsible for identifying, targeting, and apprehending those individuals committing five or more Part I offenses weekly. Part I offenses include: auto theft, robbery, burglary, and felony theft. Other offenses that the Repeat Offender Program uses as targeting criteria are: trafficking in stolen property, identity theft, fraud schemes, misconduct involving weapons, and computer tampering. The program's goals include reducing the number of criminal acts committed by repeat offenders in the Scottsdale area and reducing the number of active repeat offenders operating in Scottsdale.




  Identity Theft & Auto Crimes Unit   

Sgt. Dan Kiricoples



  Burglary and Theft Unit

Sgt. Scott Smith
  • Residential Burglary
  • Commercial Burglary
  • Thefts other than vehicles
  • Shoplifting
  • Arson Investigations


  Computer Crimes Unit

Sgt. Aaron Henderson


  Financial Crimes Unit


Sgt. Joel Lewis

  Repeat Offender Program


Sgt. Gary Thornton

Police Motto