Crimes Against Persons Section


Lieutenant Todd Larson, Section Commander  

Phone: 480-312-6309


The Crimes Against persons Section is divided into four units based on their specific investigative responsibilities.  This Section includes the Violent Crimes Unit, Sex Crimes Unit, Gang Investigations Unit, Domestic Violence Unit and The Scottsdale Family Advocacy Center .  Should you have questions about current investigations, a potential investigation, or a crime related to any of these areas, you should contact the supervisor of the respective unit listed below.


Violent Crimes Unit

Sergeant T. Davidson


Phone: 480-312-5528

The Violent Crimes Unit is responsible for the investigation of homicides, robberies, assaults, kidnappings, extortions, missing persons, threats and death.  This unit is comprised of one sergeant, nine detectives and one police assistant.


Unit Goals


Conduct thorough and complete investigations in a timely manner with an emphasis of targeting repeat offenders in order to exceed West Region Uniform Crime Report clearance rates.


Improve methods utilized in the investigation of cold case homicides by using forensic science advancements and proven cold case investigative practices.


Reduce the number of robberies occurring in the City by targeting pattern crime through enforcement, crime prevention, and use of modern technology.


Please check out our Cold Case websites and help us solve a crime:
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Special Victims Unit (formerly Sex Crimes Unit)
Sergeant Carrie Candler 


Phone: 480-312-6311

The Special Victims Unit is responsible for investigating sexual assaults, molestations, exploitations, sexual abuse, indecent exposure, luring of minors for sexual exploitation, and other sex-related crimes.  The unit is also responsible for tracking registered sex offenders by categorizing and placing them into notification levels; and conducting community sex-offender notifications per Arizona Revised Statute 13-3825C.  This unit is comprised of one sergeant and eight detectives.


Unit Goals


Identify and seek training in child forensic interviews, advanced sex crimes investigations, related technology, social networking, and the mandated State protocols to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of sex crimes investigations.


Continue to provide at least one full-time proactive online computer crimes detective with current training to effectively investigate child-luring and exploitation cases involving computer technology and train other investigators in applicable technical skills to address this crime trend.


Provide timely notification of sex offenders to the public per Arizona Revised Statute 13-3825C; and maintain and disseminate information files on all sex offenders living in Scottsdale in order to increase public safety.

Gang Investigations Unit

Sergeant Pat Regan


Phone: 480-312-5043

The Gang Investigations Unit is responsible for investigating gang related crimes and the service of felony arrest warrants.  Various enforcement strategies are utilized to identify and arrest gang members, career offenders, and eliminate gang related criminal activity that negatively impacts the quality of life for Scottsdale residents. The unit will partner with the community to provide gang awareness education as well as providing recurring training to department personnel on gang trends.  This unit is comprised of one sergeant, seven detectives and one analyst.


Unit Goals


Collaborate with all department units, other law enforcement agencies and the community to identify active criminal gang members.  Conduct proactive investigative operations including the use of covert techniques, and the use of confidential informants to develop prosecutable cases against gang members.  Provide gang awareness education to the community.


Present prosecutable cases to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Gang/Repeat Offender Bureau and federal prosecutors to obtain convictions and enhanced sentencing.  Continue participation in State wide Gang Taskforce (GIITEM) and FBI Violent Fugitive Apprehension Taskforce.


Obtain prison sentences on at least 90% of the identified gang members that are arrested and prosecuted by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Gang/Repeat Offender Program.


Domestic Violence Unit

Sergeant Melissa Palopoli

Phone: 480-312-6345

The Domestic Violence program is responsible for investigating all domestic violence related crimes.  There are a total of 19 crime types in this category, including child abuse, kidnapping, assault, aggravated assault, and violation of order of protections, etc. as defined by statute.  This Unit is comprised of one sergeant, five detectives and a Section secretary.


Unit Goals


Utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to address domestic violence through improved teamwork at the Scottsdale Family Advocacy Center and through external working relationships.


Provide department wide training specific to proper charging of domestic violence crimes, domestic violence protocol, and repeat offenders.  In addition, continue to train current detectives in order to exceed West Region Uniform Crime Report clearance rates for aggravated assault.


Maintain a team approach to address domestic violence by fully utilizing the Domestic Violence Action Team (DVAT).  This team meets bi-monthly and is comprised of representatives from social service agencies, prosecution and investigations.

The Crimes Against persons Section is housed at the


Police Motto