Moments of Truth



The Scottsdale Police Department implemented the Moments of Truth philosophy within our department viewing each citizen contact as an opportunity to win the respect, trust and support of the community. Recognizing the community is the first line of defense against crime and the most essential component in preventing it, moments of truth contacts will reinforce the community’s resolve to help us develop safer neighborhoods through community partnerships and participation.

A community's willingness to cooperation in born out of the level of trust, respect and support they have for their police.  All police personnel can leverage public support, trust and respect by embracing and promoting enhanced customer service of "moments of truth" in policing. 

July 2014

  • Letter written to Chief Rodbell by Riverside CA Chief Sergio Diaz

    On July 18, 2014, Riverside Police Officer Casteel and Police Service Representative Hedges met with Sergeant Jensen and his “Know your Limit” team. Sgt Jensen arranged for the Riverside Police Department personnel to be a part of his scheduled detail on Saturday, 7/19/14, allowing them to observe how the Scottsdale PD team promotes the “Know Your Limit” program to the citizens in the downtown entertainment area.

    During the deployment, the Riverside PD personnel had the opportunity to observe the team’s interaction with hundreds of citizens throughout the entertainment district. Overwhelmingly, the public was very receptive to your program and the professional manner in which your officers conducted themselves.

    The experience gained in Scottsdale was very valuable to our team. I hope to be able to implement at least some of components of the Scottsdale model in our own enforcement efforts in Riverside’s entertainment district.

    The Riverside Police Department would like to thank the Scottsdale Police Department, Sgt Jensen and his “Know Your Limit” team for their hospitality in sharing their knowledge and procedures with the Riverside PD’s Traffic Bureau.

  • SPD Dispatchers save Lives.

    On July 29th at approximately 0520 hours a call came in from a male reporting an overdose. He was unable to find the address to the apartment where his female friend was unconscious. Throughout the 3 minute phone call the RP became less intelligible and eventually lost consciousness completely. Rosa Chavez heard the sounds of a subject gasping for breath and maintained an open line with the caller while tracing the call to the correct building number. John White assisted with coordinating and locating the subjects, and Monica Garcia made several phone calls and was able to locate an emergency contact for the complex out to the scene to open doors for officers. After close to 20 minutes of work, officers made entry into the apartment and found 3 subjects close to death. Per Sgt. Jensen, if not for the continued efforts of these three dispatchers, the subjects in this apartment would have died.

    This is yet another example of the fine work by SPD Dispatchers that do indeed make a difference in lives every day. Thank you again for the professionalism you show and your willingness to go above and beyond for the citizens of this community.

    You all are indispensable to our community, Thanks!

  • Letter addressed to Chief Rodbell

I am writing to commend one of your officers, Josh Hynson.  On 7/27/14 at 12pm, I just got out of church was driving to eat lunch with a friend when I was involved in an automobile accident at Scottsdale Road and Camelback.  I was stopped for the red light behind another automobile.  The light turned green and I thought the automobile in front of me had proceeded forward, but it did not and I read ended the automobile. 


Officer Hynson responded to the accident and I was immediately impressed with how he handled himself.  He was very polite, professional, courteous and caring.  He immediately checked to if all parties were not injured.  After completing the paperwork, he phoned my nephew to let me know that I was involved in an automobile accident and that I was all right.  My nephew also works for the Scottsdale Police Department.  He too had nothing but good things to say about Ofc Hynson. 


Please convey my appreciation to the Officer.  Your department and the citizens of Scottsdale are very fortunate to have such a fine individual on its police force.  Thanks. 




  • Email from Sgt. Ruscitti to Crime Scene Specialist Manager Paolillo

    I wanted to take a moment to recognize Crime Scene Specialist Kathleen Palma. On 07/01 she responded to Sutton Dr. to process a Domestic Violence all. The victim of the call was an 86 year old woman that was extremely agitated and confused. Due to this high level of agitation, the victim was un-cooperative with the Officers on scene. Kathleen immediately recognized this and built a rapport with the victim through compassion and kindness. The victim responded by placing her trust in Kathleen. The calming effect that Kathleen had on the victim allowed my Officers to complete their investigation.

    In addition to processing the scene, Kathleen took the time to ensure the victim was physically alright. She took the victim into the bedroom and assisted in checking for additional injuries. Likewise Kathleen took the time to ensure that the victim had all of her nighttime medication laid out and a timer set so she would not forget to take them.

    Domestic violence calls can be traumatic for everyone involved and especially so for the elderly. The professionalism, caring and kindheartedness displayed by Kathleen made this victim feel at ease and comfortable. Kathleen went well above and beyond her assigned duties and should be recognized for representing the Police Department in such a tremendous fashion.

    In addition, Kat followed up by contacting Police Crisis Intervention Section to advise them of her situation and see if she could have additional assistance.

May 2014

  • Officer Yamamori Steps Up

    The house at 7532 E. McKellips has been vacant since the owner died approximately six years ago. With no family members to take ownership of the home it had fallen into disrepair and attracted transients that moved into a storage building in the back yard. The traffic and possible criminal activities became a real concern for the neighbors. Code Enforcement officials were in a quandary since there was no one to hold accountable for the house. Recently, an officer cited a transient for trespassing but the charge was quickly dismissed, since there is no victim. We met with Luis Santaella and Code Enforcement officials and Luis conceived a plan to do an emergency abatement, declare the house and storage shed uninhabitable and then board them properly and post notices. This will allow us to cite anyone found inside the structures under the new city code 36-21, which makes it unlawful to enter an uninhabitable building.

    Kelli took it a step further and researched tax records to find an investor that had paid previous tax levies. Investors can take ownership of abandoned properties simply by paying back taxes, essentially buying a home for just the price of back taxes. Kelli located and called the investor, encouraging him to expedite his foreclosure and take over the property.

    Submitted by Sgt. Bryan Thomas

    This is a great example of community policing by all involved!

  • An email from some winter visitors

At 5:20 am this morning, my wife was driving me to my dialysis appointment when our car had a flat tire. If I miss my scheduled treatment, I have to wait around the whole day or even three days to get my regular spot. Officer David Steel came to our rescue less than 10 minutes after I put on my emergency flashers. He asked what time my appointment was, took me to my appointment, got me there on time, and then went back to check on my wife while she waited for AAA. He offered to change the tire for her since it was taking so long. AAA eventually came while he was there as she insisted she did not want him to start his day off changing tires. We both are senior citizens, 73 and 72 but he had no way of knowing that. I feel so blessed to live in Scottsdale no matter what time of day it is. Police help is not far away. Thank you Officer Steel #1259.

A clear example of going above and beyond, thank you David!

  • Taking time to make a child’s day

I just wanted to take time and say thank you for this officer. My son Liam and I were walking into Walmart when Liam saw the police car and became really excited. The officer took notice and stopped his car right there on the spot. He turned his lights on and rang the siren (abbreviated siren) for Liam to see. He got out and handed my boy a badge and we took a picture. Long story short, I am glad there are still really good cops out there like Officer Chris Matthews. You run a tight ship my friend and I wanted to complement you guys on your community service. Have a great day. God bless!

Chris- thanks for taking the time to do the “small” things as they make a difference in how we are perceived in the community. Keep up the great work. Thanks. ~ Asst Chief Cocca

April 2014

  • One officer commending another for stellar work

Sgt. Marmie,

I want to make you aware of the tremendous job that Officer Jen Kinsey did in assisting a grieving family at Scottsdale Healthcare – Osborn on the morning of April 28, 2014.
Earlier that morning, patrol officers were sent to a medical call where a 32 year old female and mother of 4 young children was found not breathing/non-responsive at home by her fiancé. All 4 of her children (11, 9, 6 years old and a (1) month old) were home when their mother was transported in full “code” to SHC-Osborn by PMT ambulance personnel.
Shortly after arrival at the SHC-Osborn emergency room, she was pronounced dead. As more of the victim’s family continued to arrive at the hospital to grieve her sudden and unexpected loss, her mother and younger sister, literally with tears in their eyes, requested and insisted that I please try to contact SRO Jen Kinsey to have her respond to be with the family.

I was immediately able to make phone contact with Jen who, without any hesitation, responded directly to the hospital. The family was overcome with grief at this time and Officer Kinsey made herself fully available to them by remaining physically and emotionally close throughout the morning. This included arranging for, and being with the family during, an extended viewing of the deceased by numerous family members including two of the children. Officer Kinsey remained there at the hospital with the family long after I cleared and our official investigation there was complete.

As I understand it, Officer Kinsey had no social relationship with this family outside of the schools. The deep trust this family had in Officer Kinsey to call her to the scene of a recently deceased loved one must have been forged by her professionalism and approachability throughout her years of work in the schools where this family attends.

In my almost 20 years as an officer, I do not remember ever having witnessed a grieving family request a “cop”, only known to them professionally, to be with them during such a personally tragic event such as this. She should be commended for this.

Incredible compassion in the face of a terribly sad situation. Thank you Jen for your kindness.

  • Letter from a grateful father

Captain Weller, Officer DeLash and all other Firemen, Law Enforcement Officers and 911 Dispatch Employees:

At approximately 4:20 PM yesterday time almost stopped. When I arrived home, I came upon my frantic 10 year old daughter screaming and begging me to call 911. While calling, she informed me that my 23 month old toddler fell in the pool. When I sprinted to the backyard, I saw Charlie lying by the pool blue, unresponsive, and not breathing. The scene was chaotic. Women were screaming and the neighbors were praying.

I can't remember her name (even though I asked) the 911 dispatch operator took control of the situation. I was so frantic; I couldn't remember my own address. She calmed me and told me to begin CPR on my unresponsive child. I had no idea what I was doing, but the operator calmly walked me though chest compressions and mouth to mouth. All I can remember saying is "please tell me they are on their way". After the second set of chest compressions, Charlie let out a wheeze and began moaning. At that point I heard sirens.
Officer DeLash was first on the scene and took control. He also drove my family to the hospital. Oh, and by the way, he was the last Officer to leave the hospital. What a god send!!! Everything is hazy, but it seemed like there were multiple fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. Everyone working together to stabilize Charlie. Also, treating me and my entire family with kid gloves. So respectful after the trauma we just endured.
Charlie is the boy that each and every one of you had a hand in saving his life!!! I know yesterday was just another day of work in your line of business. But, you saved a life and saved a family. I will forever be indebted to the 911 dispatch operator who saved my son through my hands. She was an angel. Officer DeLash, I thank you for your compassion and your professionalism. In my book, you are a hero!!! From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you. Saying I appreciate you is the understatement of a lifetime. My son is alive today because of all of your actions!! Please forward this email to anyone who was involved on the scene yesterday. I just can't express my gratitude enough. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

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