Moments of Truth



The Scottsdale Police Department implemented the Moments of Truth philosophy within our department viewing each citizen contact as an opportunity to win the respect, trust and support of the community. Recognizing the community is the first line of defense against crime and the most essential component in preventing it, moments of truth contacts will reinforce the community’s resolve to help us develop safer neighborhoods through community partnerships and participation.

A community's willingness to cooperation in born out of the level of trust, respect and support they have for their police.  All police personnel can leverage public support, trust and respect by embracing and promoting enhanced customer service of "moments of truth" in policing.  

March 2014

  • Letter from Governor Jan Brewer  (Gov Brewer letter)

  • Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2014 8:46 AM
    To: Hall, Christopher - 620
    Cc: Sneed, Kory - 613 

    Commander Hall,

    I would like to take a moment to thank and commend Officer Sneed for his help on Monday, March 17th at 11am.

    The Fischel company, subcontracting for Century Link, had dug a trench damaging the root system of our 40 year old, three story tall, front yard tree. They did this prior to having a tree specialist evaluate the tree and were standing in my front yard making many promises to me regarding their current and future responsibilities for any damage caused by their work. I felt out numbered and pressured.

    Officer Sneed was called out by several other members of our neighborhood, Carriage Square at Gainey Village, to help defuse the situations that were developing in many front yards as the crews began to trench up landscaping. Although I had not called personally for assistance, he saw me in my front yard discussing what needed to be done to preserve our tree. He listened to my concerns regarding our future liability if the tree get sick, weakens, dies or falls over. Officer Sneed then offered to witness the many promises Fischel representatives made to me to be responsible for their damage in front of everyone. I can not thank him enough for that!

    Officer Sneed was calm, and instantly brought a sense of order by his presence. He was professional, respectful to everyone and helped the parties work through their issues. My husband and I appreciate his service to us that day.

    Kind regards,
    Caroline Sovell  

  • Officers complimented by former police chief

    Dear Chief Rodbell,

    This letter is to specifically commend Officers John Holyk and Tony Jones. This morning, I was involved in an unusual hit and run incident. Both Officers were dispatched to the scene. Their handling the situation was accomplished in a most professional and sophisticated fashion. Having been former Chief of Police for a brief period, as well as a professional counselor, I feel as though I am uniquely qualified to offer this assessment.

    Further, there are three aspects that I would like to note more particularly:
    1. Police officers are involved in hundreds of very positive acts on a daily basis, however, all too often, citizens do not take the time or make the effort to say, “Thanks!”. So it is well worth my time to write this letter.
    2. Police Departments are a total team effort – consequently the professionalism displayed by Officers Holyk and Jones reflect positively on the entire Department. Given that, I would be content if you were to post this for the entire Department’s review.
    3. The twenty three years old lady that hit me was found and identified. Because of the manner by which Officers Holyk and Jones interacted with and counseled her – my guess and hope is that her life has been changed for the better because I expect now that she will be more cautious of how she drives as well as more honorable in how she handles unfortunate situations that confront her in the future.

Thanks again and best regards.

Dr David


February 2014
  •  Helping those in need

On 02/26/14 a distraught female came into the lobby at District Three. Police Aide Colleen Gaba contacted the woman. She could barely explain why she was upset. After a few moments Colleen was able to calm the woman down and began to understand the issue. The woman explained that she was lost. She had taken a bus to the area for her first day of work at a new job location. She exited the bus at N. 92nd St. and Shea, and was headed to 9305 E. Via De Ventura for her first day at the new job. She had walked around lost, for over an hour and was already an hour late. Even with directions from Colleen, the female was not physically able to walk the distance. Colleen contacted Officer Jeff Vogt for assistance, to see if he could provide a ride to the nearby workplace. He did not hesitate to assist. The citizen was quite appreciative as she did finally make it to work.

Submitted by Sgt. Dan Kiricoples

Thanks Colleen and Jeff for going the extra mile!

  • Thank You - 2013 Guns and Hoses Golf Tournament

Dear Chief Rodbell,

On behalf of the Partners for Paiute Board of Directors I would like to express our gratitude for your efforts in support of Partners for Paiute and the Paiute Neighborhood Center. A total of $3,142 was raised from the 2013 Guns and Hoses Golf Tournament, which you helped make possible. This generous donation makes a difference to those we serve in our community. Please extend my sincere thanks to your police staff for their work and support to make the tournament a success.

Susan Wain, President
2013/2014 Partners for Paiute 

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