Moments of Truth



The Scottsdale Police Department implemented the Moments of Truth philosophy within our department viewing each citizen contact as an opportunity to win the respect, trust and support of the community. Recognizing the community is the first line of defense against crime and the most essential component in preventing it, moments of truth contacts will reinforce the community’s resolve to help us develop safer neighborhoods through community partnerships and participation.

A community's willingness to cooperation in born out of the level of trust, respect and support they have for their police.  All police personnel can leverage public support, trust and respect by embracing and promoting enhanced customer service of "moments of truth" in policing. 

January 2015

  • Very grateful citizen to Sgt. George and his team!

    From Facebook:
    A huge & heartfelt thank you to Sergeant George and his team at Foothills District 4. We had a family emergency while I was out of town and they went above & beyond the call of duty. Not only did they get my kids to school, they made them breakfast and offered to make them lunch. You alleviated so much stress trying to get home knowing my kids were safe until I was able to catch a flight back. Thank you for exhibiting the definition of "Protect & Serve". All the best to you men & women in 2015!
  • Saving a Dog’s Life Twice

During the month of December Sergeant Conway received a phone message from a very emotional adult male. He wished to commend Officers Adam Sanetra and Preston Judd for their outstanding job performance during the early morning hours of December 20th. The two officers responded to a small dog that had been attacked by a coyote. The officers transported the dog to a 24 hour emergency vet clinic for treatment. They were told that if the dog owner could not be located the dog would be euthanized. They spent the next few hours making phone calls and trying to locate the owner.

The message left explained that the dog owner was out of town and that they had a pet sitter who lived in Scottsdale. The dog had gotten out. They were able to get in touch with the vet clinic and prevent the dog from being euthanized. The owner could not thank Officers Judd and Sanetra enough for everything they did and at times broke down in joyful tears for what they had done to save the dog. The owner was very optimistic that the dog would survive and that was solely due to Officer Judd and Sanetra.

  • A Big Thank You from Ian and Dylan

    “Sergeant Conway,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for making two little boys’ day! They were so excited to see “the package from the police” and squealed with delight as they saw everything inside. Dylan wants to add the Scottsdale PD patch to his uniform. He was an officer for Halloween and has worn that costume every day since we got it. His older brother was swat but prefers to be more 'undercover’ when he's out. We were given a tour of the police station and 911 center in the fall and we went to the police museum downtown over break and now you sending them a little something special just reinforces how awesome all of the police really are!
    Many many thanks for taking the time to do something special for two little boys. They, and their mom, really appreciate it and all of you!

  • A Letter from a Citizen

    Officer Matthew responded to the Via Linda Senior Center reference a medical emergency. After Scottsdale Fire took the victim who was identified as Charles to the hospital, Officer Matthew took it upon himself to respond to the victim’s residence and provide health information to the victim’s wife. Upon arrival, the victim’s wife, Ute Popp was shocked to see a police officer. Mrs. Popp advised that it was due to Officer Matthew’s “professional and personal Mannerism” she was calmed down.

    Mr. and Mrs. Popp only have one vehicle and it was at the Via Linda Senior Center. Officer Matthew provided Mrs. Popp a ride to the hospital. In Mrs. Popp’s letter, she wrote, “Being an elderly person, such considerate, courteous and kind attention in a crisis situation is especially noteworthy.”
  • A Letter from a Citizen

    On January 6th, Officers Marc McCoy and Matt Heeren were working routine patrol when they discovered an 89 year old man stranded on 124th St just south of Shea where the street dead ends at the reservation. The gentlemen was lost and confused. He thought he was in Sun City where he resides. He had difficulty answering questions and the officers speculated that he had been there most of the night. They requested Scottsdale Fire Department and the gentleman be transported to Scottsdale Healthcare Shea. The officers then contacted the gentleman's son in California. The officers then ensured that the gentleman would not be released until 1000 hours the next day when his son could be there to provide care for him. The elderly gentleman's daughter, Jodi then sent a letter and voicemail commending the officers for their actions.


  • Elementary school parent thanks SPD in apparent child abduction 

    Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 2:55 PM
    To: Watts, Kevin - 609
    Subject: Many Thanks!

    Dear Office Watts,

    As a parent of a Sonoran Sky Elementary student, and a resident in the Buenavante neighborhood as well, I wanted to reach out and say a heartfelt thank you to everyone on the Scottsdale Police Department and surrounding departments for the way things were handled with the possible child abduction last week.

    I interacted with roughly 10 to 15 different officers throughout the whole situation that occurred at Sonoran Sky. Some who searched my car and took my information, some re-directed me as I was trying to walk from our house to get my daughter, some guided me on how to properly enter the pick-up lane, and some arrived at our home later that day to question us and to search our home. Every officer, without exception, was professional, kind, helpful, informative, and undeniable present. We as a family were overwhelmed at the outpouring of help our school and neighborhood received from a multitude of officers. I honestly can’t thank you enough. I wish we could thank every officer individually. I stopped and thanked every officer I had the pleasure of interacting with but it just doesn’t seem like enough to show our gratitude.

    Please let me know if there’s anything we can do to show our support and appreciation. I really mean that!

    So many thanks from our family, our school, our neighborhood.

  • Fashion Square Security Manager thanks SPD for help in Superbowl activities

    From: Rodbell, Alan - 855
    Sent: Monday, February 09, 2015 8:23 AM
    To: 'Degraw, Richard'
    Subject: Super Bowl Related Special Events

    Thanks Rich, it’s a wonderful partnership that we share. It is, and always has been, a pleasure working with you and your staff. I will, with your permission, include this note out to our entire PD through our Newsletter.

    From: Degraw, Richard
    Sent: Monday, February 09, 2015 8:19 AM
    To: Rodbell, Alan - 855
    Cc: 'Christina.Lanoue, Walther, Jeff - 592; Cocca, John - 374
    Subject: Super Bowl Related Special Events

    Chief Rodbell:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding police services provided during our recent special events. We were faced with securing ESPN, Fan Fest Scottsdale and the shopping center over a two week operational period. The services and support provided from preplanning through execution were simply amazing. Scottsdale PD and supporting agencies were always available, responsive and very professional in the services delivered. Clearly, we were in very good hands. The engagement of the Command staff, District leadership, field supervision and line personnel was very impressive. The guests, retailers and employees of Scottsdale Fashion Square are very fortunate to have such an outstanding police agency to depend upon for our daily public safety needs.

    Best regards,


    Rich DeGraw
    Security Manager|Scottsdale Fashion Square 
  • Parent appreciates school lockdown information 

Sent: Friday, February 06, 2015 10:16 AM
To: Rodbell, Alan - 855
Subject: Thank you!

Good Morning Chief!

I just wanted to let you know that my kids attend Sonoran Sky Elementary School. As a parent, I could not be happier with how your officers and the school handled yesterday’s lockdown. Information was appropriately communicated and at no point did I feel that my kids were in danger. The officers at school dismissal were terrific and the process could not have been smoother. It’s not a situation that any of us want to be in; however, I am grateful to the Scottsdale Police Department for managing things as well as you did.


  • Coordination involved in child abduction report

    From: Bayne, Ronald - 559
    Sent: Friday, February 06, 2015 11:38 AM
    To: SPD All Police Employees
    Cc: '';
    Subject: FW: Alleged Child Abduction: Letter from a parent


    I want to thank everyone for the effort put into trying to resolve the report of a child abduction in the Foothills District yesterday. Present at the command post I observed first hand an incredible collaborative effort between patrol, investigations, various PES units, PIO, communications, outside LE agencies, surrounding community partners, and the Paradise Valley School District. From the line level work and expertise to the shared command between Lt. Myers, Lt. Wasson, and CART Team commanded by the Chandler Police Department, not one single possibility of resolving this matter was overlooked.

    I realize an incredible amount of resources were put into this call but everyone present had the same goal in mind of trying to safeguard the welfare and verify the report of an abducted child. ISB continues follow up so this is not intended to be a celebratory note, simply an acknowledgement of professional and collaborative hard work. I have been in touch with our community partners up here who were impacted by this call and related response and the feedback I have received has been that of praise for your effort and professionalism. Sgt. Hoster shared with me a note (below) provided to him by a media outlet that better illustrates what I am trying to convey. Thank you all for your hard work.

    Ron Bayne #559, Commander
    Scottsdale Police Department  
  • School Principal expressed appreciation

    “As you know, our school went into lock down at approximately 12:15 p.m. yesterday, after we received a call from Officer Wells that there may have been an abduction of a child from the school located behind Pardes. Officer Wells had just left at noon after working on campus all morning. Following his phone call he turned his patrol car around and came back to our campus.

    I'm writing to let you know how exceptional Officer Wells is and how grateful we are that he is working off-duty for our school. We had not received a call from Sonoran Sky, the school located behind us, and had no idea there was a potential safety issue. The fact that Officer Wells returned to our campus and stayed until the last student was dismissed speaks volumes about his dedication and professionalism. While we were in lock down Officer Wells was staying in touch with police stationed at a command center and keeping us informed. He let us know when we could release the students from the classrooms but that they should not be on the adjacent field. This guidance and information was a huge assurance.
    Please know that I informed our parent body of the lock down and let them know about Officer Wells returning to our campus to protect our students and faculty. So many parents expressed their gratitude for his actions.

    ….We are blessed to have Officer Wells, you, and the other Scottsdale police officers on duty. Truly, you and Officer Wells are outstanding.”

    With sincere appreciation,
    Jill Kessler

  • Former employee impressed with SPD Museum

    Thanks Toni, I am very proud of what Chis and her staff and CiPAAS has accomplished. OK, if I use this in Police Line? It's a great reminder of not taking things for granted, and inviting our employees and their families into HQ.

    Chief Rodbell

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Toni Todd
    Sent: Saturday, January 24, 2015 9:38 AM
    To: Rodbell, Alan - 855
    Cc: Vassall, Christine - B427
    Subject: Commendation


    This past week while assisting with the Records Supervisor assessment, I had the opportunity to see the decorated lobby at HQ. Although some of the things displayed were there before I retired, it has been greatly expanded upon and was very entertaining.
    I am told Chris Vassal and a volunteer are responsible for the gathering of all the items (both old and new) and the phenomenal "decoration" job. I can't image they have not heard this before (and probably many times), but as a former employee coming into the building and viewing it as a Scottsdale citizen would, I have to commend them for a job WELL DONE! It tells the story of the "then and now" Scottsdale Police Department and is a great way to preserve the history.

My kudos to Chris Vassall and the museum volunteers!!
Toni T

  • Chief of Police, City of El Mirage appreciates SPD 

    ​From: Steve Campbell []
    Sent: Monday, February 02, 2015 10:29 AM
    To: Rodbell, Alan - 855
    Subject: Congratulations

    Good morning Alan,
    I want to pass along my congratulations to you and your team for what appeared to be a flawless week of events. You all represented our State at the highest level. Nicely done.

    Again congratulations and thanks for keeping us safe.

    Steven Campbell



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