Moments of Truth



The Scottsdale Police Department implemented the Moments of Truth philosophy within our department viewing each citizen contact as an opportunity to win the respect, trust and support of the community. Recognizing the community is the first line of defense against crime and the most essential component in preventing it, moments of truth contacts will reinforce the community’s resolve to help us develop safer neighborhoods through community partnerships and participation.

A community's willingness to cooperation in born out of the level of trust, respect and support they have for their police.  All police personnel can leverage public support, trust and respect by embracing and promoting enhanced customer service of "moments of truth" in policing. 

November 2014

  • Letter addressed to Commander Minor

I am writing this letter to bring Officer Juan Miranda to your attention.  On the the evening on November 17th at 11:30, an intruder entered my home.  I had been asleep but awakened to use the bathroom.  A young woman was in my home (I had mistakenly left my apartment door unlocked).  She left with a bundle of my possesion, my car keys, house keys and wallet containing drivers license and credit cards - I called 911 immediately. 

Officer Miranda and 1 or 2 other policemen arrived.  It is the care ance concern that Juan Miranda displayed for my in my state of shock and despair that I am writing to you.  This concern of me was unusual and most comforting.  When I remarked of his demeanor, he went on to explain how he always from early age knew that he wanted to be a policeman.  He felt tremendous empathy for those of us, like myself who were being taken advantage of.  His kindness towards me was extremely comforting.  A day later he arrived with a wheel lock to assure my car would not be stolen since the burglar had my car keys. 

I believe Juan Miranda is an outstanding person and officer.  I wanted to let other know how very I appreciated his concern for me.  We need more like him.  Thank you for reading this note of appreciation. 


October 2014

  • Officers save woman from irate boyfriend

    October 1, 2014
    To the Scottsdale Police Department

    Thank you so much to the two officers who came to my granddaughter’s rescue last night at her apartment. Her boyfriend of over 2 years from Albuquerque was due to appear at tent city for a DUI. Evidently, this completely put him off track and when my granddaughter went to their apartment to retrieve her belongings, he went into a rage and behaved like a raging maniac. Her mother and I happened to be there because my granddaughter was afraid to be alone with him.

    I lived in NM for 30 years and only too often I witnessed those kinds of scenes that I saw last night. Unfortunately someone often got seriously hurt. I did not want that so for the first time in my 76 + years of life, I called 911. The dispatcher was most helpful and understanding. And the two officers who appeared soon established an amazing aura of calm (my blood pressure stopped going up).

    We were very impressed to see the effect of two kind men in uniform on a 21 year old who was completely out of control. The 20 minutes of their presence will always be appreciated. My granddaughter did not want to involve the police because she had been having a negative feeling for them. I do believe that she shed that last night and will be more comfortable to call for help if necessary.

    Again many thanks to the two gentlemen officers (Koerner and Olson).

    A grateful Grandma
  • Police Officer makes Halloween bright for two kids

    Officer Matthew Cain was at the hospital regarding a call for service on Halloween night. He saw an unrelated family in one of the nearby rooms with 2 children and the mother. One of the kids was there for a broken finger. The mother said it would be too late for them to go trick-or-treating when they got out of the hospital. Officer Cain found out the kids’ favorite candy is Skittles. He drove to the nearby Walgreens and bought 2 large bags of the candy. He returned to the hospital and gave the candy to the kids which made them very happy.
  • Recent letter received by Chief Rodbell

    Dear Chief,

    In contrast to what seems to be popular media coverage of negative police behaviors and actions I wanted to write a note of thanks to the Scottsdale Police Department. I am a resident of San Diego, CA and rode my motorcycle out to the Scottsdale area to participate in the ‘Bikers for Boobies” event on October 25, 2014. During the after party at Dirty Dogg Saloon I made some poor choices and clearly had more to drink that what was responsible. While exiting the venue a security guard approached me and helped me find a comfortable curb to sit and wait while they went to find a friend still inside the venue. While sitting the on the curb, several of your officers approached me. What amazed me was their kindness, compassion, and assistance. Clearly I deserved every bit of “trouble” they could have easily thrown my way. On the contrary, they were supportive and friendly in the intersections, with me and my friend in securing a cab and getting home safely.

    Oddly, this was one of the experiences I remember most of my day. A positive experience with the Police Department of Scottsdale. I am grateful to you, and your officers for being so kind, courteous, and respectful of someone who frankly may not have deserved it.

    Kindest regards,
  • Officers help carjack victim

    Good morning Commander,

    Our daughter was recently a victim of an early morning car-jacking incident in North Scottsdale as she exited her car to enter the Mountainside Fitness Center. She was able to get out of her car and into the facility where she called 911. The Scottsdale Police Department responded almost immediately and located her car before she was even able to contact us. Of course, the most important thing to us and the officers responding was her safety but from the time they arrived, the officers were organized and professional. They were able to safely bring the incident to a close before the individual could leave the area and without endangering other drivers on the freeway.

    As parents, you can imagine how fortunate we feel that the individual our daughter encountered was not more violent, desperate or even worse. The possibilities of what could have happened to our daughter under different circumstances makes us even more grateful that good people like the officers of the Scottsdale Police Department are willing to dedicate their lives and careers to serving the public and doing so at such a high level, every day, even very early in the morning. Please feel free to share our gratitude with all members of the department.

    Grateful parents
    Great job and team work! Lt. Marmie, Sgts Ferreira, Conway, George, Officers Szczepanski, Carlisle, Stanley, Fernandez, Judd, Smith, Lee, Heeren, Menge, Maki, Wilson, D. Steel, Mataele, Burnet, Hernandez, Sanetra, Le Claire, Bodrero

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