2009 Update - Summary of Changes

The 2009 City of Scottsdale Design Standards and Policies Manual will include the following revisions, clarifications and new policies. Please provide your feedback on these issues or others by using the link provided or calling 480-312-2786. 

Chapter One: Introduction

  • Minor clarifications, no substantial change.

Chapter Two: Site Planning

  • DEVELOPMENT PLANS revised to require that certain applications for zoning amendments be accompanied by Development Plans. These are required in Planned Unit Developments, Special Campus, Planned Commerce Park and other districts not described in Master Environmental Design Concept Plans or Master Design Concept Plans.
    Section 2-1.300
  • Minor editing to the sections listed below, no substantial changes.
    Sections 2-1.403, 2-1.600, .700, .800, .804 and .805
  • NORTH AREA CHARACTER ELEMENTS revised to specify paint color for guardrails, utility cabinets, poles and posts.
    Section 2-1.504
  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN revised to require, to the greatest extent possible, salvage and re-use of non-protected plants during site development.
    Section 2-1.100

Chapter Three: Land Divisions

  • CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION minor edit, no substantial change.
    Section 3-1.703
  • LAND ASSEMBLAGE revised to add Section B, describing criteria under which a land assemblage may be approved by staff, rather than scheduled for City Council approval.
    Section 3-1.704

Chapter 4: Grading & Drainage

  • STORMWATER STORAGE revised to state that both in-line detention basins (in-stream stormwater storage) and use of drywells are discouraged.
    Section 4-1.402
  • STORMWATER STORAGE revised to require that, when discharge from a basin is regulated by an orifice, the orifice shall have a minimum diameter of 6 inches.
    Section 4-1.402
  • CHANNEL DRAINAGE revised to state that culverts/storm drains shall not pass beneath residential structures, and to require that manholes be installed at changes in horizontal or vertical alignment of storm drains.
    Section 4-1.405
  • CHANNEL DRAINAGE revised Figure 4.1-2 to add clarifying information.
    Section 4-1.405
  • METHODS FOR ESTIMATING PEAK DISCHARGE revised to reference NOAA 14 for determining precipitation.
    Section 4-1.806
  • METHODS FOR ESTIMATING PEAK DISCHARGE revised Figure 4.1-4 so that Runoff Coefficient “C” varies with storm frequency rather than hydrologic soil group.
    Section 4-1.806
  • CALCULATION OF RUNOFF VOLUMES revised to reference Figure 4.1-4 for determination of runoff coefficient “C”. New procedure no longer accommodates use of weighted or composite values.
    Section 4-1.807

Chapter 5: Transportation

  • TRAFFIC CONTROL PLANS revised to delete requirement that traffic control plans be minimum of 11”x17”.
    Section 5-2.105
  • CONSTRUCTION SIGNS revised to establish uniform sign specifications for all road classifications.
    Section 5-2.307
  • GENERAL INFORMATION revised to add reference to design guidelines recognizing the needs of pedestrians and older drivers.
    Section 5-3.001
  • VERTICAL ALIGNMENT revised to require Fire Department approval for longitudinal grades that exceed the specified maximum grades.
    Section 5-3.117
  • INTERSECTIONS revised right-turn lane requirements to specify a minimum reverse curve length of 90 feet for speeds up to 50 mph and a length of 140 feet for speeds greater than 50 mph.
    Section 5-3.119
  • INTERSECTIONS revised figures 5.3-28 and 5.3-29 to add clarifying information.
    Section 5-3.119
  • BRIDGES revised to reference clear zone as defined by the AASHTO Roadside Design Guide.
    Section 5-3.501
  • BRIDGES revised to require that private project design consultant establish necessary guard rail lengths.
    Section 5-3.501
  • PAVEMENT TRANSITIONS revised to specify a method for calculating the length of pavement width transitions.
    Section 5-3.900
  • TRAFFIC SIGNAL DESIGN revised throughout to require that deviations from the standards must be approved by the Traffic Operations Division, 480-312-5620.
    Section 5-4
  • CONTROLLER CABINET and TRAFFIC SIGNAL PLAN CONTENTS sections revised throughout to amend construction and material specifications.
    Sections 5-4.106, 5-4.300
  • APPENDIX miscellaneous revisions to construction and material specifications.
    Section 5-4B Appendix
  • DESIGN STANDARDS revised to require that METRO signs comply with COS Detail #2134-4.
    Section 5-5.101
  • STRIPING revised to require an 8-inch wide edge-line between travel lanes and bike lanes.
    Section 5-5.102

Chapter 6: Water

  • ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY REQUIREMENTS revised to add contact information for Maricopa County Environmental Services Department.
    Section 6-1.101
  • DESIGN REPORT CONTENT revised to add clarifying notes to figure 6.1-2, AVERAGE DAY WATER DEMANDS.
    Section 6-1.205
  • SYSTEM LAYOUT revised to require indemnity agreements when decorative pavement is placed over city owned water lines.
    Section 6-1.402
  • SYSTEM LAYOUT revised to require that water-line stubs, if existing but not used by a project, shall be cut and plugged at the main by that project’s contractor.
    Section 6-1.402
  • DEAD-END LINES revised to describe locations where water-main flushing devices cannot be installed.
    Section 6-1.403
  • FIRE HYDRANT FLOW TEST REQUIREMENTS revised to describe permit/inspection requirements for flow tests.
    Section 6-1.405
  • PRESSURE REDUCING VALVES revised to require installation of pressure reducing valves, if previously absent, when a plumbing permit is issued for work on existing structures.
    Section 6-1.407
  • FITTINGS revised to describe requirements applicable when fittings are added to or removed from ACP or PVC pipe.
    Section 6-1.408
  • SHUTOFF VALVE LOCATIONS revised to prohibit valve placement in driveways and to describe requirements for manholes on water appurtenances.
    Section 6-1.409
  • PIPE COVER revised to describe pipe replacement requirements in the event that water main is exposed and pipe bedding is disturbed during work on adjacent utilities.
    Section 6-1.413
  • VERTICAL SEPARATIONS AND VERTICAL REALIGNMENTS revised to clarify design requirements when adequate separation cannot be maintained between water and sewer mains.
    Section 6-1.415
  • VERTICAL SEPARATIONS AND VERTICAL REALIGNMENTS revised to require that, when exposed by construction, water service lines smaller than 1-inch shall be replaced with Type K copper tubing.
    Section 6-1.415

Chapter 7: Wastewater

  • FORCE MAINS revised to describe the type and spacing requirements for cleanouts on force mains.
    Section 7-1.303
  • FORCE MAINS revised to allow mechanical joint ductile iron pipe for force mains in certain conditions when water/sewer separation cannot be achieved.
    Section 7-1.303
  • MATERIALS revised to allow use of AWAA C-900 or PVC pipe in certain conditions.
    Section 7-1.401
  • HYDRAULIC DESIGN revised to require the design engineer to recommend pipe material and construction methods when flow velocity in the pipe exceeds 10 feet per second.
    Section 7-1.404
  • MANHOLES AND CLEANOUTS revised to describe conditions in which 5 foot diameter sewer manholes must be used, and to limit to 300 feet the length of sewer main ending in a cleanout.
    Section 7-1.405
  • WASH CROSSINGS revised to allow use of encased PVC sewer pipe at desert wash crossings.
    Section 7-1.408
  • BACKWATER VALVES revised to describe conditions in which backwater valves are required on sewer services.
    Section 7-1.409

Chapter 8: Streetscapes, Parks & Trails

  • LANDSCAPED MEDIANS/RIGHT-OF-WAYS revised tables that list plants recommended for median/right-of-way use.
    Section 8-1.
  • MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITY revised to more specifically describe maintenance goals and requirements.
    Section 8-1.201
  • MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITY revised Figure 8.1-1 to reference ANSI A300 pruning standards.
    Section 8-1.201
  • PLACEMENT OF TREES AND SHRUBS revised to require physical barrier between public and private landscape improvements and irrigation systems.
    Section 8-1.203
  • IRRIGATION GUIDELINES revised to state that turf irrigation shall be controlled by Motorola Irrinet/Scorpio controllers.
    Section 8-1.300
  • IRRIGATION GUIDELINES revised to require that turf and trees be irrigated through separate valves.
    Section 8-2.207
  • LANDSCAPING revised to require skateboard protection on wall-caps and benches.
    Section 8-2.208
  • POOL DRAINS revised to require that pool drains comply with the VGB Spa and Pool Safety Act.
    Section 8-2.212
  • GENERAL INFORMATION revised to advise that recommendations of the 2008 Ad hoc Citizen’s Trails Taskforce are incorporated in Section 8-3.
    Section 8-3.000
  • TRAIL CLASSIFICATIONS revised designation of “Local Trails” to “Neighborhood Local Trails”, and revised “Neighborhood Trails” to “Minimally Improved/Rugged Trails”.
    Section 8-3.001
  • TRAIL CLASSIFICATIONS revised to, for most trail classifications, increase the minimum tread widths, easement width and setbacks from streets.
    Section 8-3.200 to 8-3.204

Chapter 9: Public Works & Facilities

  • LANDSCAPE AND IRRIGATION PLANS revised sheet format to require that landscape and irrigation be shown on separate sheets; and to require that street signs be shown on landscape plans (to assure that sign/landscape conflicts are resolved).
    Section 9-1.412
  • PLUMBING SYSTEMS revised to require that all appliances and fixtures be approved by Facilities Management, per resolution 6644 of the Scottsdale LEED policy.
    Section 9-3.100
  • PLUMBING SYSTEMS revised to require that all under-slab drain lines be inspected by camera prior to acceptance; and miscellaneous revisions to plumbing fixtures and fittings.
    Section 9-3.100
  • DOORS & HARDWARE SYSTEMS section revised substantially; should be reviewed in its entirety.
    Section 9-3.200
  • HVAC SYSTEMS revised construction and material specifications.
    Section 9-3.400

Chapter 10: Native Plants

  • NON-PROTECTED PLANTS AND TREES added this section to require that non-protected plants, at the discretion of City Staff, shall be preserved and incorporated into the final site landscape plan.
    Section 10-1.400

Chapter 11: Fire

  • No changes.

Chapter 12: ADA

  • New chapter.

Questions or Comments on the Update? Contact Joe Morris at 480-312-2757.