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Feed & Bedding

WestWorld offers the finest, high-quality products to our customers.  We provide two types of pine wood bedding: small flake and large flake shavings.  We also offer Alfalfa, Bermuda, and Timothy hay, along with seven different grains.


WestWorld provides two great services to ensure your stay is enjoyable.

for show attendees.  Just give us a call and we will have your shavings ready at your stall when you arrive.  No waiting in line and no waiting for delivery.

Pre-order Fax Form

Open accounts
during the show.  For your convenience, we offer open accounts until the last day of the show.

We look forward to serving you.


Feed and Bedding Contacts
Office: 480-312-6814
Fax:  480-312-6844
Cell:  480-620-3297

Please remember that WestWorld does not allow import of shavings. All shavings used at WestWorld must be purchased at WestWorld Feed & Bedding.