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Desert Plants - Demonstrating the beauty of saving water

We live in a very special place
– a place where plants have shapes and forms that amaze us, a kaleidoscope of color that surrounds us, and abundant wildlife that enriches our lives. A place where living outdoors is celebrated nearly year-round.

The plants that thrive in this very special place are the key that unlocks the door to outdoor living. And creating an ideal space for outdoor living enhances not only your life, but the beauty of your community and, ultimately, the sustainability of our world. With up to 70% of household water used for landscaping, embracing the palette of desert plants for our landscapes is vital to reducing water use. Enduring and sustainable landscapes of the future will depend on the uncommon beauty and tenacity of our remarkable desert plants.

Chet Provorse, photographer

"...there is no need to grieve for the plants that cannot be grown; it's better to rejoice in the abundance of those that can"

 - Janice Emly Bowers, Sunset Western Landscaping

 view photos by Chet Provorse, 2009 Imagyst Photography


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