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Homeowners' Residential Water Use


 Part-time Residents

Water use often peaks during the hot summer months when the heat index goes up and no one is home. Pools, spas, and landscape irrigation continue to utilize water. How can you reduce water use when you are not home? Look at tips geared for part-time residents.

Residential water use equals approximately 70% of the total potable water the City of Scottsdale produces annually. We rely on our citizens to be partners in water conservation to help the city achieve more efficient use of its water resources. So, what can you do to ‘do your part’?

Indoor water use
SHWG Smallis easily recognized and is an easy place to increase water efficiency. View or request a free copy Find & Fix Leaks that are Draining your Budget to investigate for leaks in your home, which can account for up to 14% of your indoor water use! This guide is also a good way to audit your household’s water use to see if there are places where reductions can be made. Scottsdale also offers plumbing rebates for low-flow toilets, low-flow showerheads, and hot water recirculators to help reduce indoor water use.

70% Infographic
Outdoor water use
is a lot more complicated but holds the most potential for increased efficiency. On average, up to 70% of household water use in the Valley is outdoors. Outdoor water use goes to things such as pools, evaporative coolers, and of course landscapes. Landscape water use is the biggest area where efficiency can be increased. To help you, Scottsdale offers free landscape workshops and free publications on topics such as plant selection and proper landscape irrigation. Residents may also be eligible for rebates for removing grass and for installing an irrigation controller.


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