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Businesses and Water Efficiency

Water is one of many operating costs for any business, whether it be a hotel, restaurant, grocery, commercial laundry, car wash, or office building, so investing in water efficiency is a way to save on costs. Scottsdale provides many resources to its commercial water customers to help increase efficient use of water indoors and outdoors.


Scottsdale's Water Conservation Ordinance (pdf/48kb/8pp) relating to businesses

Scottsdale's rebates for businesses
Scottsdale's Green Building Program
Facility water management guide books

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Arizona Restaurant Table Tent Campaign

Table tents

  • Scottsdale, along with other Water - Use It Wisely campaign partners, promotes water conservation in restaurants through the use of table tents designed to let customers know that water will be served only upon request. For free table tents contact the Water Conservation Office.
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