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Five Rebates for Water Customers

Rebate programs encourage the installation of water efficient plumbing fixtures and low-water-use landscapes. Currently the city offers five water conservation rebates. To qualify for a rebate the applicant must comply with the procedure in the most current rebate application form available from the Water Conservation Office/website.

Water Softeners
Beginning July 1, 2014 Scottsdale Water Resources began a two-year pilot program to reduce the amount of salinity, or salt levels in our reclaimed water. Learn more.

Plumbing (Toilet and Showerhead) Rebates
Rebate incentives are offered for the installation of water efficient toilets (up to $75) and showerheads (up to $5) in structures built prior to January 1, 1992. Free aerators are also available to water customers. Check EPA’s WaterSense program for toilets and showerheads that have been labeled for efficiency and performance.Look for the WaterSense logo

Hot Water Recirculation System Rebate
A hot water recirculation device allows hot water to get to the tap faster and eliminates the need to “let the water run” in order to get hot water. A rebate of up to $200 is available per customer. A minimum plumbing permit from the city is required.

Turf Removal for Residential Customers Application
Single-family residential customers can receive a rebate for converting an existing high-water-use landscape to a low-water-use landscape. The rebate amount is up to $1,500 and is calculated based upon the amount of turf removed and low-water-use plants installed. 

Turf Removal for Commercial & Residential Common Areas Rebate Application

A rebate of up to $3,000 is offered for the removal of turf from the landscape and installation of city-approved low-water-use landscaping. A plan must be approved by Scottsdale's Planning and Development Services. 


Landscape Irrigation Controller Rebate
A rebate of up to $250 is offered for the purchase of a new multi-programmable irrigation controller. Consider purchasing a smart irrigation controller.

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