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Emergency Response Program

ER Team The Emergency Response team consists of 15 on-call members from multiple departments within the City. Each member is on-call one week at a time in a cycle schedule throughout the year. We maintain 31 miles, north to south borders of Scottsdale, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The program responds to Street related emergencies such as; debris removal, auto accident clean-up, putting up portable stop signs until a new permanent one may be posted during regular hours, securing knocked down light poles and tree removal of downed trees in a right of way.

Car in water
We are the first line of defense for all flood control within the City. One of our goals is to focus on the flooding issue throughout the City during major storms. We now prestage barricades and signs at areas that are known to flood during a storm. The Police and Parks department will set them out when the water becomes a safety hazard. During the summer with monsoon storms, it is a busy time for the program.

Call the Police Department in the case of an emergency: 480-312-5000.

Remember, do not drive across washes during rain storms or when flooding signs and barricades are present!