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Homeowners Associations and Water Use




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 Print a checklist of items to look for when running your irrigation system. Eliminating water waste is an easy way to reduce water cost!


Reducing a homeowner association’s water use is an effective way to contain escalating expenses and association fees. A powerful tool to help with this is the association's water bill.

Start by finding out who handles the water bill.  It is important to understand that the person who receives and pays the water bill may not have anything to do with the overall maintenance of the property. In many cases, landscape and pool maintenance contractors are unaware of the amount of water and the cost of water being used on their customer's properties.

In order to ensure that water is being used wisely, it is important to designate a responsible person to review the water bills.

When the designated person reviews the water bill on a regular basis, patterns of water use become apparent and it is easier to identify jumps in water use, which could be an indication of any of a number of issues. This person can also work with the landscape contractors to convey water use information to them so they can do a good job maintaining the landscape. If you want the biggest bang for your buck, focus on the landscape, which is typically the biggest user of water.

Scottsdale has rebates to help customers reduce their interior and landscape water use. Also, read Scottsdale's Homeowner Association Q & A to find ways to use water most efficiently, and visit the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association's HOA website to pick up more valuable water saving information.


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