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Planning for Scottsdale's Water Future

Scottsdale utilizes the Water Resources Master Plan to plan for the City's water resources future. The City updates this plan every 5 years, the latest update occurred in March 2015. For more information on the Water Resources Master Plan contact Water Engineering at 480-312-5685 or visit the Water Engineering website.

Drought Planning

The Water Resources Division is prepared for the current and future drought conditions, and developed a Drought Management Plan (The Plan), approved by Council in February 2015. The plan describes the City's responses to drought conditions which can occur when a water supply source is reduced to a level at which it is unable to support an existing demand condition.

The Plan is comprised of four main components; the development of a Drought Team, supply and demand estimates for the service area during event, the stages and response to water supply reductions, and a menu of water saving options the City can enact in response to the event. There are four stages in the Plan, each representing a progressively more severe water shortage condition and the appropriate demand management responses. Review the Plan and the Demand Side Management Option Menu in the Plan here.

Scottsdale drought situation FAQs