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Plan Submittal Requirements

Submittal Guides

Residential Development Process

Commercial Development Process (Commercial & Multi-Family)


Commercial & Multi-Family

Standard Plans

  • building
  • planning
  • engineering
  • fire
Forms to include:
  • truss calcs
  • water meter calcs
  • soils report (not a waiver)
  • with approved grading & drainage plan
  • copy of recorded plat
  • lot fit analysis letter and setback exhibit (24X36)
  • and a floor plan with all the options on the grading and drainage plan (can be provided in hard copy or transparency format)


Custom Home, Major Additions/ Remodels & Guest Houses

Building Plans - 1 complete set, including but not limited to:
  • mechanical
  • civil site plan (G & D)
  • building
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • floor plan
  • roof plan
  • revegetation plan (ESL areas only)
  • landscape
  • site lighting if applicable
  • and structural, etc.
Forms to include with building set: Water meter calculations, Soils Waiver, Structural Calculations,Truss Calculations*, ResCheck energy code compliance
  • 1 fire sprinkler worksheet
  • 2 additional civil site plans w/ Planning set
  • 2 copies of building elevation
  • 2 copies of roof plan analysis
  • 2 copies of revegetation plans (ESL areas only)
  • 3 copies of native plant inventory with plan locations w/ Planning set (24x36 only)
  • All paperwork on checklist - (i.e. water calc sheets; soils waiver; truss calcs; NAOS documents, etc.
  • Commitment of Title Insurance that includes Schedule A and B with the City of Scottsdale identified as the proposed insured (no older than 30 days) - submitted on 1st review.
  • Digital Submittals Accepted

Minor Addition/Remodel

Revisions to Active Single Family Permit

  • 3 complete sets

New Commercial/Multi-Family  

  • 4 complete sets (building, planning, engineering, fire)

New Improvements w/Commercial

Improvement plans or civil plans are prepared by a registered Civil Engineer and include on-site grading and drainage, paving and concrete, striping, water, sewer and fire lines; and off-site (in right of way) street improvements, driveways, sidewalk, turn lanes, water and sewer lines and service connections, traffic signal plans, etc.
  • 4 sets Civil/Landscaping - to be submitted at the same time as commercial submittal

Tenant Improvement (TI)

Commercial Remodel, Addition and/or Structural Change

  • 4 complete sets

New Subdivision

  • 3 sets Civil/Landscaping/Final Plat

Deferred Submittals - Fire

Revisions to Active Permit

  • Commercial - 4 complete sets
  • TI - 3 sets
  • Civil - 3 Sets
  • Landscape - 1 Set


  • 3 copies of Grading and Drainage site plan (if in ESL) – or - 3 site plans (if non ESL) with minimum site plan requirements on 24” x 36” plan
  • 1 copy of the original site plan
  • 1 color aerial photo
  • Fence details
  • Easement consent (written authorization to encroach the easement) must be obtained from each party if built within, or across a Public Utility Easement (PUE), Rights-of-way, or common property line.
  • If in flood zone A, plans must be sealed by a civil engineer

Alphabetical Listing of Forms

Requirements for Digital Plan Submittal

(SFR, TI, commercial, deferred fire, plats, pools, solar, signs, utilities and traffic control plans)

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