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High Intensity Activated Crosswalk


The city of Scottsdale Transportation Department has installed an innovative pedestrian traffic control device at a few intersections to help make crossing safer and easier. The device -- called a HAWK or High-intensity Activated crossWalK -- provides a protected pedestrian crossing and is as simple to use as a pushing a button.

How the HAWK works:
The HAWK is normally in an “off” position until it is activated by someone wanting to cross a busy street.

When pedestrians wish to cross the street, they push a button, and the signal begins with a flashing yellow light that warns drivers approaching the crosswalk to slow down. 

The flashing yellow light is followed by a solid yellow light, telling drivers to prepare to stop.

The signal then changes to a solid red for the drivers to stop at the stop bar, and the pedestrian gets a walk signal. 

The solid red signal converts to a flashing red after a few seconds, allowing drivers to proceed when safe to do so. 
Download the HAWK visual sheet

These crossings are currently in use at:

  •  Scottsdale Road between Butherus Drive and Greenway-Hayden Loop
  •  Pima Road and Dixileta Drive
  •  Pima and Jomax roads
  •  Chaparral Road just east of 78th Street

Watch the dedication of a HAWK crossing in this short video.