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Landscape Irrigation Controller Rebate

Purpose of the Landscape Irrigation Controller Rebate Program
Scottsdale landscapes are thirsty, consuming 50% to 70% of our residential water - water that has been gathered, moved, pumped, treated to drinking standards and delivered to the landscape. The purpose of the Landscape Irrigation Controller Rebate is to reduce outdoor water use by improving watering efficiency.

Will Water Be Saved?
Water savings will vary and depend on how you currently water. For example, if the scheduling ability of the existing controller is limited and the landscape is watered more frequently than required, there is potential to save water. If your existing controller is properly programmed to water your landscape deeply and infrequently and is frequently adjusted to match the changing weather, then the water savings potential may be low. Read Landscape Watering by the Numbers for information on depth and frequency of watering.

Irrigation ControllerWho is Eligible
The landscape irrigation controller rebate is available to all properties that receive water from the Scottsdale water system and meet the program qualifications and requirements stated in the application (pdf/154kb/2pp).

About the Program
A rebate is offered for the purchase of a new multiprogram, permanently hardwired, electronically activated irrigation controller. The rebate amount varies and depends on the type of unit purchased, but will not exceed the actual cost of one controller. An itemized, dated sales receipt for the purchase of the controller is required.

A backflow device must be installed and inspected for nonresidential properties and multifamily residential properties. Call 480-312-5650 for more information.

Click here to download the application (pdf/154kb/2pp).

Frequently Asked Questions: Landscape Irrigation Controller Rebate



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