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Commercial/Residential Common Areas Turf Removal Rebate

Turf removal before

Before turf removal

After turf removal - Xeriscape

Xeriscape installed

Purpose of the Turf Removal Rebate Program
Scottsdale landscapes are thirsty, consuming our potable water - water that has been gathered, moved, pumped, treated to drinking standards, and delivered to the landscape. The purpose of the Turf Removal Rebate Program for Commercial and Residential Common Areas is to reduce the use of water in the landscape.

Who is Eligible
The turf removal rebate is available to nonresidential properties, multifamily residential communities, and common areas of housing developments that receive water from the Scottsdale water system and meet the program qualifications and requirements as stated in the application (pdf/130kb/2pp).

About the Program
A minimum of 1,000 sq. ft. of grass is required to be removed and converted to low-water-use landscaping to participate in the program. 

A Planning and Development Services Staff Approval Application with processing fee must be submitted to the One Stop Shop prior to submitting the turf removal rebate application to Water Conservation. A water conservation specialist must perform a preliminary site inspection of the conversion areas prior to removing the grass.

The rebate amount is calculated based upon the costs for conversion. The rebate amount is limited to 25% of total costs (excluding taxes) and is limited to a one-time credit of up to $3,000 per property. 

Click here to download the application (pdf/130kb/2pp).

Frequently Asked Questions: Commercial/Residential Common Areas Rebate


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