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Water & Sewer Services

Water Services and Reclamation Services are departments in the Water Resources Division. Water Services delivers safe, reliable drinking water to our customers while using the best practices and processes that meet or surpass all federal, state and county water quality standards.

Reclamation Services is responsible for treating and disposing of all the wastewater generated from Scottsdale’s residents and businesses.  Scottsdale is recognized nationally as a leader by recycling, reusing or recharging all of the wastewater treated throughout the year for non-drinking purposes. Reusing highly treated wastewater for irrigating golf courses, parks and other areas now, frees up more drinking water for the future.

Additionally, the department operates, maintains and repairs thousands of miles of both water and sewer lines and hundreds of pump and booster stations located throughout the city to ensure your water and sewer services are working properly whenever you need them.

Below are links to some of our frequently asked questions. To speak to a Citizen Service Representative, please call 480-312-5650.


24 Hour Emergencies
 (Water and Sewer - 480-312-5650)

Report a Water Leak
(In the street, at a meter or fire hydrant)

High Water Bill

No Water Service

 "How To" Videos

Water Pressure

Sewer Backups

Pool Draining 

Sewer Roaches

Frequently Asked Questions

Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention

Construction & Hydrant Meters


Cold Weather Tips

Temporarily Suspend Water Service
(minimum of 6 months) 


 Water Service Line Warranties

 Fats, Oils & Grease