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Ad Hoc Citizen Trails Task Force

Since August of 2008, volunteers with an interest in equestrian, bicycling, hiking and neighborhood trail use are working on an ad hoc citizen trails task force to help provide input to the Transportation Commission and City Council on policy and implementation issues for city wide trails outside the Preserve.  

The Scottsdale Trails Master Plan was adopted by City Council in 2004.  Some of the key elements the committee will address include:

  • Implementing a neighborhood trails component
  • Updating and reviewing the priorities for projects identified in the Trails Master Plan and future trails projects
  • Providing input to update trail design guidelines, standards and trail classifications
  • Identifying and prioritizing current and future funding sources for trails projects
  • Reviewing maintenance and enforcement activities

Meeting Information

To view meeting agendas and minutes for the Citizen Trails Task Force, click here.
Trail Segment Scoring results have been sorted three different ways:

Trail Segment Scoring by Location (pdf/39kb/7pp)
Trail Segment Scoring by Score (pdf/39kb/7pp)
Trail Segment Scoring by Segment Number (pdf/37kb/7pp)

Trail Segment Scoring Maps:

Area 1 Score Map (pdf/111kb/1pg)
Area 2 Score Map (pdf/103kb/1pg)
Area 3 Score Map (pdf/186kb/1pg)
Area 4 Score Map (pdf/158kb/1pg)
Area 5 Score Map (pdf/87kb/1pg)
Area 6 Score Map (pdf/134kb/1pg)