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Left-turn photo enforcement

Left-turn photo enforcement began in August

In August 2008, Scottsdale began activating photo enforcement cameras that monitor left-turn movements.  The city has activated cameras at two locations:

    * Eastbound McDowell Rd. to northbound Scottsdale Rd.
    * Northbound Scottsdale Rd. to westbound Thomas Rd.

When is a driver considered to be in violation?

The cameras photograph drivers who enter the intersection after the light has turned red.  Vehicles that enter the intersection on green or yellow will not be photographed.  The diagrams below show the "point of violation," which is the line that determines whether a vehicle is in or out of the intersection.  This is an imaginary line extending from the curb of the cross street into the adjoining lanes.

Left turn yellow light
Cameras will not flash if you pass the "point of violation" on green or yellow (above).

Cameras will flash if you pass the "point of violation" after the light turns red (below).
Left turn on red


How much is the fine for running a red light?

The typical citation for running a red light is $258. Depending on their records, drivers may be eligible to opt instead to pay a fee to attend Defensive Driving Class. Drivers who plead responsible, or are found responsible by the court, are required to attend Traffic Survival School.



For questions about photo enforcement, residents may call 480-312-7014 or e-mail photoenforcement@scottsdaleaz.gov.

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