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Prescription and Non-Prescription Medication Disposal

Prescription and Non-Prescription Medication Disposal


Many people are faced with having to dispose of unused or unwanted medicine at home. It is not safe to put them down the drain or to flush them down the toilet. Recent EPA findings have found that some of these pharmaceuticals are making their way into the soil and ground water and polluting them. In an effort to stop this practice the City of Scottsdale is asking that you not put any type of medication down the drain. The best option is to see if your pharmacy has a medication disposal program that you can use. If not, proper disposal of old medication can be done in your home by using these 3 easy steps:


Step 1) Remove your unused medication from its original container and place in a water tight container.



Place unused medication in watertight container

Step 2) Add a small amount of warm water, just enough water to make the medication dissolve into a paste.


Add warm water

Step 3) Add a small amount of an undesirable substance like dish soap, coffee grounds, kitty litter or even dirt to the mix to foul any taste that a pet or animal may like.


Add Dishsoap Or other

When all of this is done just bag and tie the container and place it in your normal trash receptacle for collection.



Bag and tie then place in the trash

Please don’t flush unused medication down the drain; it can end up polluting the soil and ground water.