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Right-of-Way Permit Questions

What is Right-of-Way?

Right-of-Way is generally the City streets, sidewalks and other City property used for transportation and City utilities. Right-of-Way is defined in the Scottsdale Revised Code, Chapter 47 as follows: Right-of-way means land which by deed, conveyance, agreement, easement, dedication, patent, reservation, usage or process of law is reserved for or dedicated to the general public for street, highway, alley, city utility, trail, path or sidewalk purposes.

What is the purpose of a Right-of-Way Permit?

This is a permit issued to use a portion of City right-of-way or certain easement dedicated to the City.  All proposed work and private improvements in rights-of-way and certain easements dedicated to the City is to be submitted in plan form to be reviewed by City staff prior to issuance of a permit.

What type of work requires a Right-of-Way Permit?

Water, sewer, paving, concrete, drainage, grading, landscape and utilities, among other work and uses (including Special Events) of the City rights-of-way and easements requires a permit.

Is there anything that needs to be done after getting my permit?

To schedule an inspection, call the Inspection Services Voice Response System at 480-312-5796 or by calling the Inspection Services office at: 480-312-5750 during working hours.

Follow the menu on the phone. You will need to have a permit # which starts with the letter “C”. You will only have to enter the five numbers.

Each permit requires a Pre-Construction meeting with a Public Works Inspector ( referred to as a “100” Inspection ). Our request is that you contact the Public Works Inspector prior to scheduling your Pre-Construction Meeting (#100) if you have not already heard from them through the reviewing process.

Please note, if you have a sub-contractor(s) working on your project, have them present at your pre-construction meeting with a copy of contact information incase of any emergencies.

The inspector will then work with you throughout your project until its completion (and in some cases through a warranty period). In taking out a permit you are required to meet certain standards. The City of Scottsdale enforces the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Specifications and Details Maricopa Recorder'sleavingcos.gif (340 bytes). The City of Scottsdale Supplement to the MAG Specifications and Details are available at the One Stop Shop Counter or online at: http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/Design/COSMAGSupp/Default.asp and city of Scottsdale Design Standards and Policy Manual (available at the One Stop Shop Counter and online at Design Standards and Policy Manual and the City of Phoenix approved Barricade Manual (available through the City of Phoenix).

What are the different codes for the varying types of work?

101 Water
201 Sewer
301 Paving
401 Concrete
501 Drainage
601 Grading
701 Landscape
801 Utilities
901 Miscellaneous (jobs such as Clear & Grub, Warranty Inspections,
Traffic Signals, and Special Event Traffic Control)

Does a Right-of-Way Permit impact other types of permits?

Yes. Failure to conform to standards could impact other permits such as Building Permits. For example, building inspections could be stopped until the work has been inspected by a Civil Inspector and has met the standards the City follows. Any Building Permit associated with a Right-of-Way Permit cannot be finaled until the work in the right-of-way has been completed, inspected, and accepted.

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