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Sex Offender Community Notification Page

The Scottsdale Police Department has established this site according to the requirements of A.R.S. 13-3827. This page enables local media to publish the information as part of the community sex offender notification process.

The documents posted here for the listed sex offenders include flyers with a photograph and exact address of the offenders as well as a summary of the offenders' status and criminal background.

For more information on the State of Arizona sex offender laws,
please visit the Sex Offender InfoCenter site maintained by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. 

Abbott, Christopher (pdf/76kb/1p)

Andrews, Maynard (pdf/84kb/1p)

Anders, Matthew (pdf/83.5kb/1p)

Ayala, Julio

Barney, Bevan (pdf/84kb/1p)

Boillot, David (pdf/77.1kb/1p)

Brendmoen, Mark (pdf/234kb/1p)

Dahlberg, David (pdf/136kb/1p)

Daniels, Thomas (pdf/84kb/1p)

Ferron, Richard (pdf/64kb/1p)

Foley, Eric (pdf/73kb/1p)

Jones, Steven (pdf/124kb/1p) 

Kaufman, Keith (pdf/110kb/1p)

Law, Timothy (pdf/138kb/1p)

Maddeaux, Robin (pdf/140kb/1p)

Manganaro, Christian (pdf/141kb/1p)
Quick, Jeffrey (pdf/85.1kb/1p)

Remy, Justin (pdf/82.1kb/1p)

Ricchetti, Mark (pdf/77kb/1p)

Spillane, Lincoln (pdf/117kb/1p)

Stanley, Antonio (pdf/142kb/1p)

Stroher, Todd (pdf/133kb/1p)

Williams, Joseph (pdf/125kb/1p)

Wilson, Sherman  (pdf/140kb/1p)

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