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TI Submittal Requirements


File Format & Limitations

  • Autodeskleavingcos.gif (340 bytes) DWF file format, in black and white, is the standard for submittal and reviewing plans. The city uses Autodesk Design Review for maximum flexibility in "rolling up" plans, viewing redlines, limiting files sizes, etc.
  • The upload mechanism limits file size to under 25 MB.

Submittal Requirements

  • Floor/foundation/framing plans shall be on one (1) sheet (without match lines).
  • Sheet naming conventions need to follow the Design Standards and Policies Manual (DS&PM) requirements.
  • Supported Supplemental Material types: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and Excel.

Please submit:

  1. A file for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans combined
    (name file MPE.dwf)
  2. A second file including architectural and structural plans combined
    (name file ARCH.dwf)

Digital Signature Acceptance – per the Board of Technical Registration:

RA-30-304 Use of Seals G. An electronic signature, as an option to a permanently legible signature, in accordance with A.R.S. Title 41 and Title 44, is acceptable for all professional documents. The registrant shall provide adequate security regarding the use of the seal and signature. Call 602-364-4930 for more information.

Scans to PDF and converted to DWF will not be accepted. Instructions on how to convert CAD drawing files to dwf are on the Autodesk.comwebsite. 

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