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Greater Airpark Character Area Plan

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September 2011- The Greater Airpark Character Area Plan received a 2011 "Honorable Mention" Award in the Master Plan category from the Arizona Planning Association!

Greater Airpark Character Area Plan
 - Adopted 10/26/10,
Amended 10/18/11, 10/25/11, 4/8/14, & 12/2/14

Adopted Maps:
Adopted Character Area Land Use Updated 12/2/14 (pdf/5mb)

Adopted Character Area Development Types (pdf/2.3mb)

Adopted Plan Amendments:

Zocallo Residential (6-GP-2011) - Adopted 10/18/11
Crackerjax (8-GP-2011) - Adopted 10/25/11
Impact Church/Sunrise Commons (10-GP-2013) - Adopted 4/8/14
Bahia (6-GP-2014) - Adopted 12/2/14

Additional Information:
Plan Implementation

Resolution 8476 - Adopted 10/26/10 (pdf/2.6mb/99pp)

City Council Staff Report -10/26/10 (pdf/5mb/162pp)


What is the greater airpark?

Great Airpark Community Area Study BoundaryThe area that surrounds the Scottsdale Airport is what is traditionally known as the Scottsdale Airpark.  The GREATER Airpark includes areas to the north of the CAP Aqueduct and properties surrounding the traditional Airpark area.  The Greater Airpark boundaries are described, generally, as Grayhawk Neighborhood to the north, the power line corridor and WestWorld to the northeast, 90th Street and the Loop 101 to the east, Thunderbird Road to the south and Scottsdale Road to the west.

The Greater Airpark has evolved into the second largest employment center in Arizona, and according to economic projections, it is expected to become the largest employment center in the region.  It is headquarters to more than 30 national and regional corporations.  It contains the largest industrial-zoned area within the City of Scottsdale, and is recognized nationally as a model for airport-based business parks.  The Greater Airpark is also the location of some of the largest special events attended in the city, such as the Phoenix Open, the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction, and the Arabian Horse Show.

The Scottsdale General Plan designates the Greater Airpark as a growth area - meaning that it is an area of the community that is most appropriate for development focus.  In growth areas, the city can concentrate on improvements that will support planned concentration of a variety of uses and discourage sprawl. 

View a printable version of the Study Area Boundary

Greater Airpark Existing Conditions Report April 2009

Greater Airpark Existing Conditions Summary April 2009


Community Outreach Results

Greater Airpark Community Outreach Interim Summary Report: January 2009
(pdf/2.6 MB/8 pp)

Focus Group Discussion Results:

Mobility 8/28/2008  (pdf/176kb/7pp)
Land Use 9/8/2008 (pdf/159kb/7pp)
Land Use 9/10/2008 (pdf/160kb/7pp)
Economic Vitality 9/16/2008 (pdf/159kb/7pp)
Economic Vitality 9/18/2008 (pdf/155kb/7pp)
Design & Sustainability 9/25/2008 (pdf/156kb/7pp)

Vision Series Results:
On May 21 and 22, 2008, 100 community members gathered to create a long-range vision for the Greater Airpark.
Greater Airpark Vision Series Results (pdf/307kb/6pp) 

Vision Priorities Results: 
On July 16, 2008, 60 community members examined, revised and prioritized the vision themes established by the community in May 2008.
Greater Airpark Vision Theme Priorities Results (pdf/250kb/6pp)

Greater Airpark Visioning Survey:

The Greater Airpark Visioning survey was available from June 16, 2008 through September 5, 2008 and received 214 responses.
Greater Airpark Visioning Survey Results



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