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Formal Submittal Process

Please Note:  The formal submittal process can only begin after the pre-application meeting has occurred.  

Step 1: Complete Application & Checklist Requirements

Submit complete case application and checklist requirements, per submittal instructions, provided to you at your pre-application meeting.  If you are missing any information contact your planner and/or visit our forms page.  An appointment must be scheduled to submit an application.  To schedule your submittal meeting, please call Current Planning at 312-7000.

Step 2: Review for Completeness

Staff will review the application for completeness and issue a letter to the applicant (usually within two weeks).  This letter will confirm the application is complete or will identify items that are missing that need to be submitted before further review of the application.

Step 3: First Review (substantive review)

Staff will review the application and issue a first review comment letter to the applicant (usually within 30 days).  This letter typically identifies issues that need to be resolved before a public hearing date is schedule.

Step 4: Applicant submits revisions

Once the first review comments have been addressed, schedule a meeting with your planner to submit revisions (resubmittal meeting).

Step 5: staff review of new/revised submittals

After a few weeks, if all issues are addressed, applicant will be notified by the Planner of the hearing date.  Applicant will need to post necessary signage as required, and prepare for hearing.

Step 6: Public Hearing

Applicant will need to attend the public hearing and be prepared to answer any questions the Board or Commission may have.  Contact your planner with any questions about the hearing.

For more information on the application process, contact the Current Planning Department at 480-312-7000 or e-mail PlanningInfo@Sottsdaleaz.gov.

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