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Water and Sewer Rates / Fees

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Water and Sewer Rates

Current Water Rates
Current Sewer Rates

Water and Water Reclamation Cost of Service Study 2012
Water Reclamation Cost of Service Study 2014
FY 2015-16 Water Wastewater Rate Report

Calculate your estimated monthly bill here.
Sewer charges consist of a monthly base fee, determined by meter size, and a monthly service charge calculated by multiplying 90 percent of the customer’s average consumption during the low-watering winter months of the prior December, January and February.

To request an adjustment to this charge, you must complete a Sewer Charge Adjustment Request annually.

Water and Wastewater Development Fees

The City’s water and wastewater development fees are one-time payments to fund construction of public facilities needed to accommodate new development pursuant to ARS §9-463.05. The legislation requires that the development fees must (1) result in a beneficial use to the new development; (2) the development fee must be based on the newly adopted infrastructure improvements plan; (3) the development fee must not exceed the proportionate share of the cost of providing the water and wastewater services based on a common “service unit”; and (4) the costs of development fees for water and wastewater services provided to new development must be based on the same level of service provided to existing development.

The legislation also requires that before adopting amended development fees, the City must prepare an updated Land Use Assumptions report (LUA) and an Infrastructure Improvements Plan (IIP).  These documents are also posted on the City’s website.

For most properties, development fees are generally due when a building permit is issued. However; refer to Scottsdale Revised Code Section 49-82, paragraphs 2 through 5, to determine development impact fee payment requirements.

On February 25, 2014, City Council adopted the new development impact fee schedule which is effective July 1, 2014.


Impact Fee Report 2014 

Infrastructure Improvement Plan for
Water and Wastewater Impact Fees 2013

Land Use Assumptions Report 2013

Development Fee Schedule

Use of Impact Fee Report:
Fiscal Year 13/14
Fiscal Year 12/13

Development Fees FAQs

Water and Wastewater Impact Fees / Processes 


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