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Homeowner Resources

Need to Know ...      

Permit Icon: Plumbing Permit (13kb)Changing out your water heater or air handler requires a building permit to ensure safety standards are met.

Water Heater Handout(pdf/313kb/2pp)

Standard Plans

Attached Patio Cover

Carport Enclosure to Garage

Detached Garage / Shed

Masonry Fence / Wall (pdf/1.1mb/10pp)


Green Building

Program Description

Green Home Buyers Guide 

GB Remodeling Workbook (pdf/1.23mb/64pp)

Green Remodeling Tips 


Stay informed

View Recently Submitted Projects

Project (Active & Proposed)

Case File Search

Case Fact Sheets


Did you Know?  

Mobile storage units - are limited to a maximum 90 days on any given site. Any mobile storage unit which exceed this limitation can be issued a notice of violation.
To contact Code Enforcement call


Home Improvements

Before you begin a remodel or rebuild...

Do you need a permit?

Setback Requests

Sewer Line Extension Participation Program

Online Permits - Credit Card Required- minimum permits only (requires no plan review).

Neighborhood Resources

Allowed Uses in Residential

Area Plans and City-Wide Policies

Assisted Living (pdf/164kb/1p)

Block Parties

Citizen Notification & Involvement Policies
-(Public Hearing Process)

Neighborhood Notification Program

Neighborhood Clean Up Program

Report a Problem

Home Ownership & Maintenance

Address Request Form (pdf/215kb/1p)

Flood Insurance Rate - map and definitions

Front Yard Parking

Wildfire Protection / NAOS Maintenance

Landscape Workshops

Did you know?
You don't need a permit to take turf out of your lawn, but the city can assist you with:

The Turf Removal Rebate program is offered for the removal of turf from the landscape and installation of city approved low-water-use landscaping. The rebate amount (up to $1500 per property) is calculated based upon the amount of turf removed and landscape installed. For more information contact Water Conservation at 480-312-5650 or visit their website .

When you move into a neighborhood with Codes, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R's) you agree to comply with the regulations as adopted. CC&R's represent a civil contract between the property owner and the property owner's association and are legally binding on the participants. Violation of CC&R's can be penalized and fined as set out in the legal section of the regulations. It is the responsibility of the property owner, not the city, to be aware of any CC&R's as part of any proposed building modification or new construction. The city does not maintain or monitor CC&R's.
CC&R's are civil in nature and as such are not enforced by the City of Scottsdale; as an example, even in an area with public streets the city of Scottsdale will not enforce the parking restrictions from the Codes and Covenants.

Development/Construction Resources

My Neighborhood site provides real-time information about construction activity, development requests, building permits, code enforcement notices and crime activity.  

Development Process Overview

Residential Submittal Guides


Building Code Information


General Building Requirements

Owner Builder Form (pdf/206kb/3pp) 

Plan Review - Single-Family projects


Arizona Blue Stake - Call before you dig!

Construction Activity Hours

Construction Debris in Alleyways (pdf/87kb/2pp)

Certificate of Occupancy


Learn the Basics of Code Enforcement - If your neighborhood organization, HOA or community group wants to be more informed about Code Enforcement, it’s role in the community and property maintenance, you can schedule a ‘Code Enforcement Basics’ presentation by contacting Code Enforcement at 480-312-2546, codeenforcement@ScottsdaleAZ.gov .

If you have any questions, call the city's One Stop Shop permit counter at 480-312-2500 or access on-line information on how to obtain basic Building Permits .

For more information on homeowner resources, call the Planning Customer Relations Division at 480-312-7800 or e-mail PlanningInfo@ScottsdaleAZ.gov .  

Need Help? 

Planning and Development Services
P & D Online


Long Range Planning Department
Long Range Planning


Current Planning Department
Current Planning


Development Services Department / One Stop Shop
One Stop Shop Online


Neighborhood Resources Department
Neighorhood Resources


Plan Review
Plan Review Info


Inspections Info


Records, Research & Reports

Is your contractor licensed?

Even if a contractor shows you a license, confirm that it is valid.  To do this, call the AZ Register of Contractors at 602-542-1525 or visit www.azroc.gov. not a part of the city web site

To check is a contractor has a Scottsdale Business License, call Tax & License at 480-312-2400.