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Exit Strategy - Know Your Way Out

Fire Exit Sign

When a fire or other emergency breaks out in a crowded place, people almost always head for the front door. It's the one exit they know because it is how they came in. The problem is, it also is the same exit everyone else knows.

Get Safe. Get Out.

  • Locate all Regular Exits
  • Locate Emergency Exits
  • If any Exit is blocked, immediately notify management

Why is this important?
In February 2003, 100 club-goers died needlessly when a fire broke out in the The Station nightclub in Rhode Island. Pyrotechnics from the band on stage ignited nearby walls and celiings and the fire spread rapidly.

More than two-thirds of the 400-plus individuals in attendance turned and started for the main entrance. The intensity of the flames and smoke caused the crowd to panic and surge forward, everyone pushing for the front door. Individuals fell, causing others to fall and, in less than 90 seconds, the front door was hopelessly blocked.

If you notice any issues or questions about safety in a building, contact Scottsdale Fire at 480-312-1855.

  An Have an Exit Strategy Campaign was developed by ThinkStreet for the Texas State Fire Marshals Office. For more information, visit www.haveanexitstrategy.com

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