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2008 Transportation Master Plan Elements

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan was unanimously adopted by the Scottsdale City Council on January 8, 2008, and its implementation program was adopted on January 13, 2009.

The Master Plan is the first comprehensive look at the city’s entire transportation system since the 1980s.  The Transportation Master Plan works from the goals outlined in the city’s adopted 2001 General Plan to identify specific projects and programs to address transportation needs and objectives.

Transportation Master Plan Cover and Table of Contents (pdf/357k/11pp)

Executive Summary (pdf/128k/15pp)

Introduction (pdf/277k/18pp)

Vision and Goals (pdf/109k/6pp)

Policy Element (pdf/170kb/26pp)

Streets Element (pdf/835k/24pp)

Pedestrian Element (pdf/3.1MB/68pp)

Bicycle Element (pdf/1.2MB/44pp)

Transit Element (pdf/5.1MB/87pp)

Airpark Area (pdf/1.0MB/21pp)

Central-DT Area (pdf/1.3MG/29pp)

North Area (pdf/2.3MG/36pp)

South Scottsdale Functional Street Classification (pdf/980k/1p)

Street Functional Classification with Character Designation Map (pdf/152k/1p)

Street Classification Only Map (pdf/800k/1p)

Approved Implementation Program (pdf/178k/20pp)

Element Appendices (pdf/22MB/540pp)

Acronym List and Glossary of Terms (pdf/119k/9pp)

For more information contact:

Greg Davies, Senior Transportation Planner
gdavies@ScottsdaleAZ.gov or 480-312-7829.