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Parking Ticket Information

What you must do with your Parking Citation
If you received a Notice of Parking Violation you are required to respond to the notice within thirty (30) days of its issuance. You may respond in one of the following two ways:
1.  You may pay the penalty fee listed on your Notice of Violation.
2.  You may contest the violation by requesting a Hearing by the Court. 
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What happens if you do not respond to your Parking Citation
If you fail to respond to the Notice of Violation within thirty (30) days the following will occur:

  • The amount due on the fine will increase to the amount listed on the Notice of Violation you received. In most cases, the amount due is significantly higher.
  • A Complaint and Summons will be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. The Summons shall command the registered owner to appear in City Court.
  • If the registered owner fails to respond to the Summons within thirty (30) days, a Default Judgment will be entered with additional State and City imposed time payment and default fees. In addition, your case will be referred to a collection agency and collection fees assessed.

IMPORTANT ADVISORY - If you have been found responsible, whether by failing to respond or by result of a Hearing, for three (3) or more violations in a three (3) year period and have not paid the Court mandated fines you shall be guilty of a class one misdemeanor (Section 17-128 of Scottsdale City Ordinance). 

Paying Your Ticket

A Notice of Violation is issued to a vehicle by an enforcement officer and the vehicle’s owner is required to respond within 30 calendar days of issuance to the Parking Violations department in the Scottsdale City’s Customer Service Department. If the Notice of Violation is not responded to within the allotted 30 days, the Notice is turned over to the Scottsdale City Court and a Complaint and Summons will be issued. 

  • Pay your parking ticket by mail - signatures are required on all correspondence to be processed.  Payments and other parking related correspondence are accepted by mail at: 
    Parking Violations
    PO Box 1570
    Scottsdale, AZ 85252

  • Payments may also be made in person at our Customer Service Office located:

    7447 East Indian School Road
    Suite #110
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    Questions? Call 480-312-7400  



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