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Uniformed Services Bureau



Assistant Chief Jeff Walther

Phone: 480-312-2567
Email: jwalther@ScottsdaleAZ.gov

Address Info:
8401 E. Indian School Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

The Uniformed Services Bureau is the most visible component of the police department, providing uniformed patrol services to each District and specialized functions that augment our police services. 

The Uniformed Services Bureau’s operational goals listed below serve as a roadmap for all personnel ensuring we work together toward a common mission. The goals reflect many of the issues and priorities identified through community input, crime data analysis, and our desire to create and maintain strong community partnerships. Our operational goals help us provide the very best police service possible and will ensure the service we provide meets the needs of the community. 

USB Organizational Chart (pdf/284kb/1p)





District 1 McKellips 

District 2 Downtown

District 3 Via Linda

District 4 Foothills

Special Operations Division


Traffic Enforcement Section


Patrol Enforcement Section                                          

Detention Section


Emergency Preparedness Section


Uniformed Services Bureau (USB) Operational Goals

• Prevent crime and disorder
Preventing crime and disorder is the primary mission of policing. Crime prevention promotes the health and welfare of a community instead of merely curing illnesses (crimes). It reduces the threat of crime on the front end and enhances the sense of security and quality of life within the community. Historically, police departments have spent an incredible amount of time, money, energy and effort investigating crimes after they occur. Our focus is to spend our resources on the front-end, trying to prevent the crime from happening in the first pace. 
•  Respond promptly to calls for service
Responding promptly to calls for service is our primary service level item. We strive to respond to emergency calls for service in less than six minutes. Other non-emergency calls are prioritized and often take longer for officers to respond. In order for officers to remain in their assigned beat areas, the police department, in partnership with local businesses, utilizes beat offices spread throughout the city. Beat offices contain computer systems that allow officers and aides to conduct their administrative work without having to leave their assigned beat area. As a result, response times are kept to a minimum and officers are less likely to have to travel outside their beat to conduct administrative business.
•  Enhance traffic safety
Enhancing traffic safety is a top priority for all personnel. Nearly all accidents are preventable and occur because of driver inattention, recklessness or speed. As a result, we have placed an even higher priority on traffic safety this year focusing on both education and enforcement.
•  Develop safer neighborhoods through community partnerships and participation
We realize in order for us to be successful, we must have the confidence,   support and respect of the people who live and work in our community. USB personnel are committed to focusing our resources and attention on strengthening our partnerships with neighborhoods, schools, businesses and community groups. Developing and maintaining community partnerships is the cornerstone of our system of policing. Preventing crime and disorder is the responsibility of all citizens. As a police service, we must elicit the willing participation of our communities to assist us in achieving this goal.
•  Maintain the integrity, quality and effectiveness of policing services
We are committed to ensuring Scottsdale remains a safe community where people want to live and work by providing the most highly equipped, best trained and committed officers to help meet the needs of the community.

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