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About Your Department



bikes on patrol"The Police Department, in partnership with the Citizens of Scottsdale, recognizes the changing needs of our community and law enforcement's role in addressing those needs.

Furthermore, we pledge EXCELLENCE, INITIATIVE and INTEGRITY to enhance the quality of life throughout our City knowing those we serve deserve no less."


honorguardsunset"The Scottsdale Police Department is a professional organization with exemplary leadership and employees.

We are known as a community that is safe and secure, and have reduced the fear of crime for our citizens and visitors. We have collaborative working partnerships with the community and City government. Our resources, including finances, technology and staffing levels, are aligned with our 5-year strategic directions."


 Excellence: Department employees are committed to:


  1. Efficient and effective delivery of police service throughout the community.
  2. Enhancing the quality of life in Scottsdale by creating and preserving a safe environment so citizens may freely pursue their goals without infringing on the rights of others.
  3. A professional and responsive organizational structure that aggressively and creatively confronts anticipated community crime and service problems.


Initiative: Department employees recognize that the community and the police profession are ever-changing entities requiring the most dynamic approaches to citizen service and crime prevention to meet challenges through initiative in:


  1. Proactively allocating resources to remain fiscally responsible, yet reflect visionary police programs and technology.
  2. Recruiting, selecting, and retaining the most highly qualified people and training, educating, and advancing those people to promote employee growth and development.
  3. Committing to contemporary professional management within the supervisory ranks where managers are accountable for high standards of responsibility commensurate with their authority.
  4. A management dedicated to positive supervision, open communication, and participatory decision-making.
  5. Recognizing that department employees are the most important asset and are fairly compensated and treated with equity and dignity.


Integrity: Department employees provide an honest and open approach to police and community needs free from conflict of interest, impropriety, or anything less than the fair and equitable treatment of all citizens through integrity by:


  1. Being sensitive to community needs and actively seeking citizen involvement in the policing process by emphasizing crime prevention as a cooperative effort.
  2. Being advocates and maintaining open relationships with the media.
  3. Adhering to a policy of inspiring public trust and confidence in every facet of police service.

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