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Scottsdale Fire: We Care For You.

snake 150 pxlSnake Season is here

With the warmer weather comes more snake sightings. Keep yourself and loved ones safe and know what you can do to keep snakes away from your home. 




Scottsdale firefighter/paramedics have been hitting the trails to rescue people. Before you go hiking, read this.


What does all-hazards mean?

Scottsdale Fire is an all-hazards fire department. Simply stated, you call and we come. The services we provide include emergency medical services (EMS), firefighting, rescue services, and hazardous situations.

poison home

Is your Home a poison palace?

Ninety percent of reported poisonings occur at home. During Poison Awareness Week, take a moment to discover common household items that pose dangers to children and pets. Know this resource: Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center.

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