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Developer, Contractor and Design Professional Resources


Development Resources

2009 Design Standards & Policies Manual (DS&PM)

ADA Compliance Resources

Citizen Notification & Involvement Policies

Development Process Overview

Drainage Report Resources

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Plan Review

Permit Services

Process Flowcharts

Remodel vs New Construction

Scottsdale Development Regulations, Policies, and Processes: 
What, Why & How

Undeveloped Lot with an ESL Overlay?

The city has created an instructional diagram
(pdf/49kb/1p) that demonstrates how to determine the buildable lot area for vacant parcels in ESL areas.


Planning Tools & Resources

Land Use Impact Model Guide (PDF/5mb/4pps)

Land Use Impact Analysis Model (XLS/1.8mb/10pps)

Quarterly Growth Updates

Population Projections to 2020 Buildout (pdf/46kb)


Area Plans and City-Wide Policies

Guidelines & Policies Unique to Scottsdale

Codes & Ordinances


Condo Conversion Process


Dirt Haul Permits

Dust Control Permits

Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas

Walls & Fences

Subdivision Plat Requests

Water & Sewer Development

Exterior Stucco
For wood construction, contractor or homeowner needs to obtain a minimum building permit and submit the ICBO# which specifies that the stucco material has been tested, certified and approved. No permit is required to add stucco for block construction.

 Construction Trailers: 

Although no permit is required, most of the time a temporary power pole is needed at the site so a plot plan is needed to show location of construction trailer for the temp power pole.  The reason for the plot/site plan is to make sure the trailer is not being placed in any easements (NAOS, PUE, etc).  It can not be use for sales, as sales trailers (PDF/85kb) require a separate review and approval process.  

Please note that for any structures on property with the ESL overlay, even temporary structures, must comply with the Light Reflective Value (LRV) restriction of 35%.   For more information, contact Current Planning at 480-312-7000.

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