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Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Programs

Income Guidelines for all Housing Programs

Housing Rehabilitation Program:

Housing Rehabilitation Program FAQ (pdf/25kb/2pp)
Housing Rehabilitation Program Guidelines and Application (pdf/246kb/21pp)

Emergency Repair Program:

Emergency Repair Program Guidelines and Application (pdf/755kb/13pp)

Roof Repair Program:

Roof Repair Program Guidelines and Application (pdf/365kb/12pp)

Contractor Forms and Resources:

Contractor Application Packet (pdf/16pp)


Includes the Contractor Application, Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing, General Conditions, and Bid Instructions. 


1. How do you access us/our services?

Contact the City of Scottsdale Community Assistance Office at (480) 312-7647.

2. How do we do it?

The Housing Rehabilitation, Roof Repair and Replacement and Emergency Repair Programs are direct services provided in-house to address both immediate repairs and code violations.

3. Where does the funding come from?

The programs are federally funded by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and help meet one of HUD's National Objectives to benefit low- and moderate-income persons.

4. Why are we doing it?

To provide decent, safe and sanitary living conditions to Scottsdale citizens and preserve mature neighborhoods.

5. Where do we provide the service?

Applicants are interviewed for program eligibility in the Community Assistance Office located at 7515 E. 1st Street.