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Children's Programs

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If you would like more information about how to bring Scottsdale Fire Department into your classrooms, contact:

Scottsdale Fire Department
Public Education Officer
8401 E. Indian School Road
Scottsdale, AZ, 85251


Telephone: 480-312-1817



Scottsdale Fire Department Minimusters: Children learn fire safety concepts through hands-on activities in an outdoor environment. This program is usually taught in October-November or April-May.

"No Dragons for Tea" Fire Safety Program: Essential fire safety messages are taught in this classroom presentation using the book "No Dragons for Tea." This program is usually taught September-November.

"Watch Out! On the Road" Transportation Safety Program: Children learn how to be safe on the road - whether on bikes, in cars or just walking down the street with this in-classroom program using the book "Watch Out! On the Road." The program is usually taught January-March.

"Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim" Water Safety Program: This Water Safety Program teaches children the rules to follow around water. The program is an in-classroom presentation using the book "Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim." This program is usually presented April-June.

Bike and Walk to School Events: Walk and Bike to School events are simple, low cost events to put together and can held on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis.


Children are taught how to react safely when faced with various hazards and emergencies. The modules are taught in the classroom based on:

  • The dangers children face at various ages
  • Their ability to learn cognitive and practical skills.
  • As children grow, more information and skills are taught to match their developing cognitive and physical abilities. For example, a kindergartener is taught to have a smoke detector in the home and to periodically check it to make sure if it “beeps.” As the child reaches fourth grade the child can be instructed on where to locate smoke detectors in the home and how to properly maintain them.

    The ideal plan invites fire department representatives into classrooms several times during the year to continually introduce new concepts of safety, while reinforcing previous lessons learned. The schedule flexes to fit into specific and immediate needs in the classroom. There are additional modules that can be substituted or added into the plan to complement curriculum.


    Personal Wellness

    In addition to injury prevention and personal safety topics, our fire pals are available to address wellness issues. This spectrum includes addressing youth violence, self-esteem and fitness issues.


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