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Scottsdale Eyes and Ears Program

A program of Solid Waste Management


The Scottsdale Eyes and EarS (SEES) program is a cooperative effort between the Citys Solid Waste Management Division and Police Department. The SEES program utilizes solid waste collection personnel as additional eyes and ears in the community as they provide solid waste collection services to the residents and businesses of Scottsdale.

Each year Scottsdale Solid Waste Management employees travel almost 1.5 million miles and log over 150,000 hours of exposure in the community while proving solid waste services. During the course of a workday Solid Waste employees are routinely in a position to see a lot of what goes on in the less traveled areas of the city. They are in the alleys, behind businesses and just about everywhere else within the 185 square miles which make up the City of Scottsdale. Our employees have attended a special training program conducted by Scottsdale Police Department staff designed to provide them insight into situations that may indicate a crime has been or is being committed. We have direct radio contact capability with Police dispatchers, and have been instructed on how to communicate the most useful information to the Police in providing descriptions of suspects and/or vehicles.

Solid waste employees are in the streets and alleys of every neighborhood and most commercial areas of the city a minimum of twice each week. They routinely report traffic accidents and disabled vehicles to Police Department dispatchers.

With Solid Waste Management employees acting as a "city-wide neighborhood crime watch on wheels", Scottsdale PD has an additional resource in helping to maintain what is already one of the lowest crime rates in the valley.

If you are interested in more information on the SEES program please call us at 480-312-5600 or contact us via Email.