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Document Library for Human Services

All documents are in Adobe PDF format

2010-2014 Housing and Human Services Five Year Plan
Formerly CDBG Consolidated Plan and Human Services Five Year Plan 
Download (pdf/1.4mb/188pp)

2014-2015 Year 5-CDBG Annual Action Plan
Download (pdf/399kb/30pp)

2013/2014 Year 4-CDBG Annual Action Plan
Download (pdf/723kb/29pp)

2012/2013 Year 3-CDBG Annual Action Plan
Download (pdf/336kb/48pp)

2011/2012 Year 2-CDBG Annual Action Plan
Download (pdf/679kb/29pp)

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (2011-16)

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
Download (pdf/923kb/95pp)

2010/2011 CDBG CAPER
Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report
Download (pdf/584kb/35pp)

2009/2010 CDBG CAPER
Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report
Download (pdf/391kb/24pp)

2009/2010 CDBG Annual Plan
CDBG Annual Plan 2009-2010
Download (pdf/433kb/24pp)

2008 Human Services Five Year Plan
The Five-Year Plan identifies population groups in need and the most critical deficits in resources
Download (pdf/1.51mb/74pp)

2005-2009 CDBG Strategic Plan
2005-2009 CDBG Consolidated Plan 
Download (pdf/2.55mb/119pp)

2008-09 HS Fiscal Update
Overview of programs, accomplishments and demographic information by HS centers for the fiscal year
Download (pdf/2.71mb/26pp)

2011-12 Fiscal Year Performance Report
Download (pdf/7mb/26pp)

2010-11 Fiscal Year Performance Report
Download (pdf/6mb/21pp)

2009-10 Fiscal Year Performance Report
Download (pdf/6mb/24pp)

2010-14 Public Housing Authority Plans
Section 8-5 Year and FY2010 Annual Agency Plan
Download (pdf/144kb/10pp)

Section 8 Administrative Plan
Section 8 Administrative Plan
Download (pdf/1.41mb/496pp)

Section 8 Annual Agency Plan
Annual Agency Plan
Download (pdf/435kb/6pp)

Violence Against Women Act
Addendum to FY 2009 Annual Agency Plan
Download (pdf/22.5kb/4pp)

Endowment Program
This program was created for citizens to contribute to their community with financial gifts.
Download (pdf/63kb/1p)

2004 Facilities Master Plan

Download (pdf/9.25mb/131pp)