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Planning Counter Review Hours 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


In order to better serve our clients and to make the best use of our available resources ONE STOP SHOP asks:

  • All new applications for submittal should arrive prior to 4 p.m. 
  • No new over the counter plan reviews taken after 4 p.m. - plans will be logged in for next day review
  • No new monetary transactions after 4:30 p.m.


Effective July 1, 2015 changes to rates and fees - for more information visit fee listings online or ask a Development Services Representative at One Stop Shop.

Building Permit Fees for McDowell Corridor - Residents and businesses will pay less for building permit fees (pdf/259kb) starting April 15th.

New Online Service added - Submit your project pre-applications and Special Event applications online.

All property owners applying for a permit for new construction will be required to submit a properly completed Owner Builder Form (pdf/968kb/3pp) before a building permit will be issued.

An owner builder who is improving the property for sale will be required to have a valid City of Scottsdale Transaction Privilege (sales) Tax License and to provide that license number on the declaration form.  Contact Tax Audit at 480-312-7087 for further information.

Permit Applications

e-Application for Plan Review -- For Single Family, Multi-Family, Commercial and Civil, Tenant Improvement, Pools, Signs, residential Solar Systems, Utilities. Registration for online services is required.

Digital Submittals -- Tenant Improvement, Single Family, Deferred Fire Plans, Signs, Pools, Plats/MODs, residential Solar Systems, Traffic Control Plans and Utilties. Registration for online services is required.

Minimum Permit Application -- electrical, mechanical and plumbing residential minimum permits that do not require plan review.

Fire Hydrant Flow Test Permits - additional form(pdf/50kb/1p) required.



Fees Sheets 
Water/Sewer Rates and Development Fees

Pursuant to City Ordinance, effective July 1, 2006, the NSF fee has gone from $15 to $25 per returned item. The increased fee applies to (pools, SFR, etc.) check, ACH (credit card payments), and chargebacks (reversals by credit card companies).


Other Services

Liquor License

Special Events

Sign Permits

Filming in Scottsdale


Dirt Hauls and Dust Control Permits

Permit Application for Public Parking Spaces (PDF/77kb)


Frequently Requested Information

Plan Review Submittal Requirements

Standard Plans - Not all projects can use standard plans; engineered plans and related plan review fees may be required.

Building & Right-of-Way Permits

Certificate of Occupancy


Swimming Pools & Spas

Uses Allowed in Single-Family Districts

Walls and Fences

Zoning Ordinance Information

Current Customers

Check Plan Review Status

Check Building Permit Status


Directions, Hours & Services

One-Stop-Shop (Downtown)

Inspection Services Office
(Water Resources Building)

Water Campus Office
(Loop 101 & Pima)

Self Service Options

Standard Plans Fax Submittal is 480-312-9200.


Call 480-312-5750 if you have questions regarding Certificate of Occupancy, temporary electric, temporary C of O, expiration notices, permit extensions, and utility clearances


Development Processes


Commercial Development

Single Family Development

Home Improvement Center


Process Flowcharts

Digital Plan Applications

Setback Requests


Alphabetical Listing of Forms


Right-of-Way Permits (previously Encroachment)

Development Case Files

Records & Reporting


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Payment for services can be made with cash, check or credit card. The city accepts all major credit cards.

Permit Expiration

Once a permit is issued, applicant has 180 days to obtain the first inspection or the permit will expire. Each proceeding inspection must occur within 180 days of the latest inspection.

A fee is required to reinstate an expired permit.

Construction Sites

Arizona Blue Stake - Call before you dig!

Construction Activity Start & Stop Times

Debris in Alleyways(pdf/87kb/2pp)

Construction Trailers

Although no permit is required, most of the time a temporary power pole is needed at the site so a plot plan is needed to show location of construction trailer for the temp power pole. The reason for the plot/site plan is to make sure the trailer is not being placed in any easements (NAOS, PUE, etc). It can not be used for sales; sales trailers (PDF/85kb) require a separate review and approval process. Please note that for any structures on property with the ESL overlay, even temporary structures, must comply with the Light Reflective Value (LRV) restriction of 35%.
For more information, contact Current Planning at 480-312-7000.

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