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Pilot Information

General Information




Airfield Stats

Lat/Long 33-37-22.350N / 111-54-37.920W
Field Elevation 1510 ft. MSL
Runway 3-21
Runway Length 8,249 ft.
Runway Width 100 ft.
Maximum Weight 75,000 lbs. Certificated Takeoff Weight.
Aircraft with Maximum Certificated Takeoff
Weight up to 100,000 lbs. may operate above
75,000 lbs. via P.P.R. only (see above)
Runway Lighting Pilot Controlled MIRLs
ASOS 480-483-3049


Airport Frequencies

ATIS 118.60
Clearance Delivery 124.80
Scottsdale Ground 121.60
Scottsdale Tower  119.90.
Phoenix Approach/Departure 120.70
Unicom     122.95


REMARKS : Attended 1300-0400Z.  Coyotes occasionally crossing Rwy 03-21 and twys.  Hawks in the vicinity of Rwy 03-21.  All military aircraft provide 24 hr advance notice prior to arrival call airport operations 480-312-8478.  Twy C limited to acft with wingspan less than 63 ft.  Access gates to industrial Airpark limited to acft with wingspan less than 63 ft.  Rwy 03-21 limited to acft not exceeding 75,000 pounds certificated maximum, with prior permission tkf weight dual wheel may be up to 100,000 lbs. Ctc aviation director  at 480-312-2321, 45,000 pounds certificated maximum tkf weight single wheel.  Transient ldg fee for acft 12,500 pounds or greater (Based on maximum certificated tkf weight.)  Transient overnight parking fee.  U.S. Customers user fee arpt.  Touch and go ldg permitted between 1300-0430Z only.  Voluntary curfew 0500-1300Z.  No midfield departures on Rwy 03 or Rwy 21.  Extremely noise sensitive areas all quadrants.   No formation approaches or overhead patterns without prior authorization due to noise abatement.  Rwy 03 preferred for calm wind and noise abatement.  No maintenance runups between 0500-1400Z.  TPA-prop 2500(990) Jet 3000(1490) Helicopter 2000(490).  When twr clsd ACTIVATE MIRL Rwy 03-21, PAPI Rwy 03 and Rwy 21, REIL Rwy 03 and Rwy 21-CTAF.

Aircraft Flight Paths & Altitudes l FAA Advisory Circular - (VFR) Flight Near
Noise-Sensitive Areas

Airport Transient Landing Fees

Effective July 1, 2003, Scottsdale Airport is charging a landing fee for all transient aircraft with a maximum certificated ramp weight of 12,500 lbs or greater.  The fee is based off $1.50 per every 1,000 lbs max. certificated ramp weight.

115000 N. Airport Drive, 2nd Floor, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
480-312-2321  480-312-8480 Fax